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To dream of an abbot represents a powerful male in your life, usually a father figure given to displays of authority.

Dreaming that you are 'less than' the abbot may indicate a lack of confidence in your life and emotional/spiritual suppression possibly connected to your relationship with your own father.

Dreaming that you are equal to or more powerful than the abbot this indicates a willingness to take action in your life, changing an old habit to grow in confidence and embracing more of who you truly are.

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Dreams involving Abraham Lincoln, an iconic historical figure, may indicate that you are thinking about your own past or place in history. This could include your place and roles within your immediate everyday world, or your significance in the world in a broader sense.
Alternatively, it may indicate a strong desire to bring about change, as Lincoln himself did.

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A dream in which you are an accountant indicates objectivity toward someone or something and shows that you are thoughtfully considering things.

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To dream about an action hero means you admire their courage or other characteristics. You may desire to be more of a hero in your life. If you were an action hero in your dream, it indicates your shortcomings as well as your attributes. You may be bravely facing your own trial or test.

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To see an actor or actress in your dream signifies that you are constantly seeking satisfaction. You may wish to adopt a certain attribute that this celebrity possesses; it could be a feature of beauty or the way they treat others that you wish you could acquire. Keep in mind who this person is and what similarities you may have with each other. This may be an indication that you should try to develop these personality traits yourself. The dream might simply be a play on the celebrity's moniker.

To dream that you are an actor indicates that your dedicated efforts will reap you the desired rewards. It also represents your aspirations to gain respect and appreciation from others. This dream may reflect the position you hold in your own life, whether it be a mother, father, partner, etc. It addition, it may imply that the personality or character you are portraying to others is not the real you. In a sense, it could be an indicative of dishonesty in your waking life but this could relate to yourself or someone you know who may be pretending instead being straight forward.

Alternatively, dreaming of being an actor or actress symbolizes your apparent desire to be the center of attention.

If you see a particular actor or actress in your dream you should observe the character they are portraying. The way you interpret these personality traits is important in being able to unravel exactly how they connect to your life.

**Refer to Celebrities

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To dream you are an addict could signify that you've lost control of a circumstance. You have given up control and denied all responsibility for your actions. This kind of dream can also indicate fear, low self-image issues, and other latent insecurities.

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To dream of an admiral indicates a desire to command or lead a group of people, either socially or in a professional setting through a difficult or trying task. An important aspect of this desire is the need to be respected, recognized and awarded for your leadership and courage.

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To dream that you're an adventurer, you've become so obsessed with your own behavior to notice that you have or you are slipping from good moral ground.

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To dream about seeing an African-American symbolizes your ancestry and culture. It is a sign that you should explore your soul, and that it's time for you to be more artistic and imaginative.

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To dream of Aladdin implies a very powerful inner spirit able to manipulate the world to achieve in the highest of ways. There is a message from your unconscious to nurture your inner child by being patient and kind to any children or animals you are in charge of.

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To see an albino in your dream is a symbol of decency, honor, and infinity. You should have an open mind and consider the perceptions and beliefs of others.

To dream that you are afraid of the albino figure represents an unsubstantiated worry you harbor towards the welfare of someone who is of great importance to you. It may also signify your refusal to accept the truth.

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To dream of an ambassador symbolizes leadership, representation and diplomacy.
Dreaming that you are the ambassador indicates you are ready to step forward and take on a challenge you have been avoiding for some time. Make sure you represent yourself and those around you with honesty and integrity.

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To dream that you are an analyst indicates that you should re-evaluate your conduct and deeds.

To see an analyst in your dream means that you should change your behavior towards a certain matter or circumstance.

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To dream of your ancestors indicates that you accept the qualities about you and the conventions that you inherited. You could be having difficulty letting go of the past.

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To see an androgynous person indicates your need to research contradictory opinions and beliefs. Certain matters in your life must be amalgamated.

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The appearance of Apollo in a dream symbolizes enhancement and development. Since he is the sun god, dreaming about him is also a symbol of edification and perception.

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To see an apparition in your dream symbolizes your inner essence and personality. It may also represent your ethics and morals.

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If you're an arbiter in a dream, it is warning you that you are above the rules or going out of control. To see or work with an arbiter in your dream, it means that you are currently going through a difficult time, or that you wish for a resolution to some conflict or problem in your life.

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A dream of seeing yourself as an archaeologist means that you need to reflect on your past experiences to help finding answers to your present problems.

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To see an archbishop in your dream indicates that you will have to overcome many hurdles and hardships before you are able to attain prosperity and status.