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To dream of seeing or being a brunette is an indication that you should be more honest and direct. It might also represent your steamy sexuality.

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To see Buddha in your dream indicates that you will soon comprehend a previously confusing situation. It also represents intuition, empathy, and personal growth.

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To dream that you are a bum represents emotions relating to loneliness and solitude. You don't feel as if you belong. You find it very difficult to handle the various issues and situations in your life. To see a bum in your dream implies that you should find the ambition and drive to improve your current situation.

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To dream of seeing or being a burglar is an indication that you are losing your stamina. It can also mean that worries and angst are making it difficult for you to deny others.

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To dream of seeing a bus driver represents your ability to take control yet work together with others as a team. It could also mean that you are confused as to which path to take in order to reach your goals. You cannot seem to get ahead in life.

To dream that you are a bus driver implies that you have chosen the correct path to achieve your goals, and you are reaching them fairly rapidly. Try to slow down a little and don't be too aggressive. In particular, if you are a school bus driver in the dream, this could mean that you will reach your objectives faster if you use experience and wisdom to guide you. Perhaps you have achieved a higher level of self-discovery.

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To dream about a butcher symbolizes unbridled feelings or some illicit act. It also means that you could be pushing the boundaries of your endurance.

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To dream that you are a captain suggests that you are ready to control your inner feelings and deal with problems or hardships that you have encountered. You feel strong and able to handle many obstacles.

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To dream about being a carpenter suggests that you are dealing with difficulties. On the contrary, it also indicates that you should alter your way of thinking or change the way you behave.

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To dream of a cashier implies a money worry that needs reigning in before it gets out of control. There is a suggestion of fear that if you let yourself have what you want in life others may miss out, causing you to feel guilty.

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To dream that you are a celebrity may indicate that you have set your goals too high and they may be impossible to attain right now. You may be faced with disappointment and frustration.

To see a celebrity in your dream symbolizes certain attributes or features that they possess. Pay attention to any recent events or occurrences in your life, and see if there are any similarities between them and the celebrity in the dream. Often, we develop a fixation on a celebrity and this can be incorporated into dreams. They possess attributes that we sometimes wish we had and are often seen as status symbols. Consider if the celebrity's name has any meaning. The dream could be a play on their name.

To dream that you are good friends with a celebrity may suggest that you wish a friend or family member possessed similar traits. Determine the traits the celebrity possesses, so you know what qualities you wish your friend or family had.

**Refer to actor.

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To dream of a cheerleader symbolizes rivalry and success. Perhaps you should recognize the strengths and achievements of others and voice this recognition to them.

To dream that you are a cheerleader indicates that you possess a positive attitude and you are very sure of yourself. It suggests that need to place more energy into a certain issue.

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To dream that you are a chef signifies that you have the skills to select your course in life. You have accepted previous lessons and are moving into the future in a successful manner.

To dream that you see a chef indicates that there will be alterations within your life. Consider the play on words, 'what's cooking' in your own existence.

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To dream of old classmates implies that someone from your past is relevant in understanding a present friendship or association. Some inner realization from earlier days will help you to resolve an issue today.

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To dream of a clown represents your sense of humor, silliness, and fun-loving personality. The emotions that the clown conveys mirror your own. Whatever it is expressing will lead you through your own feelings. The actions of the clown represent your spontaneous and outgoing personality. It may also imply that you are being too careless and impulsive.

If you have a fear or phobia of clowns, the clown may symbolize an unknown figure who may want to hurt you in some way. This may be someone who is taking advantage of you or not showing you their true self.

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To dream that you are a coach implies that you are unorganized and unsure of the direction to take. You should prioritize your objectives and gain more willpower.

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To dream of a comedian implies that you should be less serious and try to have more fun in your life. Issues in your life may be overwhelming you right now and you are seeking a way to relieve the stress. Lighten up, be more spontaneous, and learn how to enjoy your life.

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To dream that you are a composer represents your ability to use imagination, inspiration, and innovation to apply new ideas to your life. You feel revitalized and able to accomplish anything.

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To see or dream that you are a conductor indicates that you possess the ability to take charge of your life. You have the determination and energy to locate your inner strengths and use them to your advantage.

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To dream of being or seeing a counselor implies that you need some guidance or advice in some situation or issue. Consider what the counselor is saying and/or doing. Your dream is attempting to communicate some important action or idea that you should follow. Perhaps it is giving you the answer to some lingering question or decision.

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To dream of your cousin suggests that you haven't been nurturing your natural talents or skills. You should encourage these attributes to grow and reach their potential.

If you dream that your cousin is ignoring you, this implies that you are not recognizing the attribute that is being referred to.

To dream that you or your sibling is in love with a cousin indicates that you recognize and understand the attributes that each of you possess.