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Dream Interpretation Guide - Understand Your Hopes and Fears

By Sacha Tarkovsky

Dream Interpretation

Let’s look at dream interpretation and see what our dreams can mean to us.

• Commonplace Dreams

dream interpretation

Here you can see a more cursory analysis to some of the commonplace dreams that most people may have at one time or another. You may dream of losing your teeth, seeing or riding a horse, or of flying. These are all dreams shared by a great many people.

A mysterious element of dreams where people of diverse backgrounds, of varying experiences, and of different ages can all share the same dreams.

This serves to remind us that we are all not that different as we may imagine.

Philosophers and psychologists have argued that our shared dream experiences connect us as a human race. After all, we share similar concerns, hopes and fears.

• First Steps in Dream Interpretation

The first step in dream interpretation is to record your dream as soon as you wake up. Have paper and pen next to your bed.

Should you see a dream, as soon as you awaken, write down what you saw. Underline any important points (those that impressed you, and to which you had a reaction – positive or negative.

• Obtain a Reliable Dreamer’s Dictionary.

Readily available in bookstores or on the net, get yourself a reliable dreamer’s dictionary.

• Determine the dream’s main theme (or theme symbols)

All dreams have one underlying theme to which the dreamer relates. “I dreamt of my mother last night” (where the dreamer’s mother is deceased). This describes the theme.

• An Example of Dream Interpretation

dream interpretation

A dreamer dreamt of seeing his mother (deceased), and she was preparing bread and sweets for him. While sitting in the kitchen with his mother, the dreamer noticed the garden, and it was full of flowers.

Roughly interpreted, seeing one’s dead mother could mean she actually visited him (in sleep we are closer to the veil that divides the material and spiritual world). The fact that she was preparing bread and sweets may have meant that his efforts in life (personal of business) are coming to fruition.

Seeing the garden full of flowers may have been the confirmation that indeed, he is about to receive the credit and success for which he has labored.

• The final step in learning to interpret your dreams

This can lead you into understanding your dreams, and applying that understanding to address and confront your hopes and fears.