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To dream of a mailman represents the methods you use to relate information to others. There is something important that you need to share with others.

To dream that you are a mailman indicates that your inner personality is conveying this information to you. Consider the contents of this package to determine further meaning.

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To dream of a man represents male attributes that you may possess - particularly the side that is hostile, pushy, logical, and spirited. If the man is known to you, then this dream may be focusing on how you perceive the particular man.

If you are a woman and dream that you are in the arms of a man, this implies that you are acknowledging your masculine traits. Perhaps you are longing to have a meaningful partnership and this is the type of man you desire.

To see an old man in your dream symbolizes intelligence and the ability to offer absolution to those you have transgressed.

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To dream that you are a manager implies that you need to take charge of your life and prioritize your goals and ambitions. Your life is in a state of disarray right now.

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To dream of a maniac suggests a situation in your waking life may be pushing you over the edge.

To dream of yourself as a maniac indicates that it may be time to hand over control and take a break from a current work project.

To dream of yourself or another person suddenly becoming maniacal implies that you have resentment and you may need to examine stress levels in your waking life.

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A dream about Marilyn Manson symbolizes a desire for the weird and the unusual, whether you're a fan of his music or not. More specifically, if you're not generally a fan and dream about him, it may be signaling that it's time to step out of your comfort zone and put your life back into action. If you are a fan of his music, you may be searching for inspiration, comfort, or something unpredictable and unique.

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Marilyn Monroe represents beauty, grace and stardom. If you dream that you are Marilyn Monroe, you have a strong desire to be treated like a star in your daily life. If you dream of meeting Marilyn Monroe, you may wish to reawaken the glamorous side of yourself.

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To dream that you are a mason indicates that you will achieve success and prosperity in your life. A particular situation will become more gratifying.

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To see or dream that you are a matador implies that you don't have enough stimulation in your life. You should be ready to overcome hardships and hurdles. Try not to be so timid and introverted.

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A dream about mayor symbolizes the leader within you. This person represents the part of yourself which directs the others and makes big decisions. To dream of being the mayor indicates that you may be restructuring your priorities and taking your life in a new direction.

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A dream about Medusa symbolizes danger. If you dream that you are Medusa, you are worried that others are afraid of you because you are controlling and overbearing on those around you.

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Dreaming of Merlin symbolizes your need for assistance and counsel in waking life. You may find yourself in need of a miracle, a magical feat, or simply the wise advice from an adviser or a mentor. Alternatively, Merlin is generally related to worrying about something, but it's a curious one.

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To dream of your mother signifies the nurturing and protective side of your personality. Mothers are known as life-givers, comforters, counselors, and protectors. It is probable that you are experiencing some difficulties in seeking out your own identity because of your close ties with your own mother.

To dream that you are having a conversation with your mother means that something is bothering you and you are unsure of how to handle it. This may be an unresolved issue with your mother.

To hear your mother call you in a dream signifies that you have been lazy in attending to your duties and responsibilities. You are being reminded to get your act together.

To hear your mother cry in your dream symbolizes disease and unfortunate events.

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To dream of your mother-in-law portends that a relationship will be restored after some misunderstanding.

To dream that you are in a dispute with your mother-in-law means that arrogant and insensitive persons around you will cause you severe disappointment.

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A ninja in a dream represents unknown intentions. You may be suspicious of those around you or feel threatened by others.
To dream that you are a ninja indicates that you wish to have power over others but are not willing to go through any confrontation.

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A nomad in a dream represents your inner guide. This person has been all around your mind and understands the depths of your emotions.
Alternatively the nomad may represent a homeless emotion which you need to recognize and accept. The wandering desire may need a place to rest for you to find balance in your life.

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The dream of seeing a nun symbolizes purity, chastity, and compliance. It likewise suggests a reminder for you to firmly hold on to your oath and promise. It also predicts of an increase in worldly riches that will likely go against your spirituality. Dreaming of a nun may also suggest the joke or having 'none' or 'nothing.'

A woman who dreams that she is a nun hints of discontent in her present circumstance and surroundings.

The presence of a lifeless nun in your dream represents lack and desolation over the treacherous act of a loved one.

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To dream that you are a nurse symbolizes the need for your increased consideration and sympathy in a given situation.

Seeing a nurse in your dream implies the need to be in the comfort of someone who will take care of you. It also represents a phase of healing in mental, physical, or spiritual aspects.

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To dream of an officer walking toward you or writing you a ticket suggests guilt over a recent activity in your waking life.

A message of righting wrongs makes itself clear when an authority figure such as an officer makes an appearance in a dream. At the very least, you are unconsciously aware that you have gone against an important personal value or belief. You may need to resolve that within yourself to ensure future peace.

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To dream of listening to an operator on the telephone suggests the need for a third party or mediator in a current communication issue.

There may be a situation that requires your undivided attention, and you may need help coming into spiritual or emotional alignment before tackling it.

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To dream of an opponent suggests inconsistencies about a certain angle of your personality.