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To dream of Acacia shrubs or flowers is a very fortunate omen indicating that you have the staying power to complete a task or project already started.

An Acacia tree that stands out to you within a dream can indicate that you are well provided for and are potentially blessed by your life circumstances.

The mention of Acacia within a dream is a reminder that you are being protected on an esoteric level and can ask for help and guidance confidently knowing that your plea will be answered.

Agate  No comments yet

A dream involving agate signals a slight improvement in commercial dealings.

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To dream of cold air symbolizes problems in your home life and difficulties with finances. You could be close to detaching yourself from the real world.

To dream about breathing hot air symbolizes malevolent forces surrounding you.

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Dreaming of an alder tree suggests a previously unknown health issue, as this tree has been used and known for centuries in the treatment of various ailments. Take this as a reminder to look after yourself and schedule a checkup if needed.

Alternatively, dreaming of an alder may symbolize fertility and stability.

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The presence of algae in your dream is symbolic of your past experiences, particularly reminiscent thoughts of childhood or desire to return to a simpler ways or times.

Aloe  No comments yet

Dreaming of aloe symbolizes healing and general well-being, both physically and emotionally.
Eating or drinking aloe in your dream indicates your current emotional health, whereas applying aloe to your body indicates your physical health.

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An apple tree in a dream is a symbol of opulence and luxury. It means that you feel extraordinary.

Aspen  No comments yet

The appearance of an aspen in a dream is a sign that you feel lonely.

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To see an asteroid in your dream indicates that you will receive some sort of inspiration or revelation from an outer source. It may also represent your ability to be imaginative and innovative. If the asteroid hits the earth then it may mean that these initiatives are not taking root and you must think of new ideas.

Asters  No comments yet

To see asters in your dream represents your aspirations and desires for the future. These are ambitions that are extremely important to you.

Aurora Borealis  No comments yet

The appearance of the aurora borealis in a dream symbolizes an uplifting of the spirit and feelings of affection and passion.

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To dream about an avalanche is a sign that you have strong pent-up feelings that are about to explode. In a general sense, an avalanche signifies the overall tensions and burdens of life.

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Dreaming of Ayahuasca symbolizes your search for adventure and meaning. You are looking for a tool or an item to facilitate your search beyond the physical world around us. Consuming Ayahuasca in a dream is your mind's way of telling you to take in nature and explore the universe, both spiritually and physically.

Banyan  No comments yet

To dream of a Banyan tree signals a need for deeper contemplation and meditation in your life. There is also a suggestion of taking people in your life for granted and a strong need to make reparation for recent ingratitude.

Barnacles  No comments yet

Dreaming of barnacles implies stubborn thoughts may be persistently bothering you and refusing to shift leaving you feeling frustrated. There is a message of acceptance, relaxation and ultimate victory within a dream of barnacles. Dreaming of barnacles on a boat heralds hints of travel and adventure whereas barnacles on the skin is more inclined to suggest stagnation and the need to forgive and forget.

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A dream about smelling or tasting basil is symbolic of compassion, gentleness and affection.

Bay Tree  No comments yet

A dream about a bay tree represents enduring life, as well as accomplishment and conquest.

Beech Tree  No comments yet

Dreaming of a beech tree symbolizes life. It is important to note the environment the tree is in as well as its condition. A beech tree within a barren land means your life is flourishing, but you feel like the people and situations around you aren't keeping up adequately. A small-sized beech tree represents youth whereas a tree in winter represents wisdom and old age.

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Dreaming of beryl as a mineral indicates your search for purpose and meaning while dreaming of beryl as a gemstone signifies your search for beauty and style. Whichever way you dream of beryl, it is your subconscious mind's way of validating or steering your path.

Birch Tree  No comments yet

Birch trees are commonly seen in dreams in large numbers such as in a heavy, thick forest. Experiencing a dream where you are running through a forest symbolizes feeling of lost or vulnerability. Though this may seem like a negative symbol, generally a forest symbolizes a place you can find yourself and help heading in the right direction.
A single birch tree represents life, so consider what the environment and the characteristics of the tree could be saying about your waking life. For instance, a tree with dropping leaves could symbolize running out of time while a flourishing tree with birds chirping inside symbolizes a thriving, exciting, and lively life.