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To dream of Abalone can symbolize diving into unfamiliar territory.
Abalone has a beautiful, decorative shell and is also a substantial food source; to dream of the Abalone whole may represent someone in your life that is beautiful externally, but also has inner worth.
Dreaming of Abalone can have a sexual connotation due to the appearance reminiscent of the female reproductive organ.

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To see acorns in your dream represents intensity and endurance. It suggests the possibility of a relatively trivial ambition developing into something of more significance.

To dream that you are picking acorns from the ground indicates that your efforts will earn you the desired reward.

To dream that you are eating an acorn implies that these efforts will be rewarded somewhere down the road, and your life will seem much more enjoyable and much less complicated.

To dream that you are shaking acorns from a tree symbolizes your power to persuade others, whether positive or negative.

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To see apples growing in a tree is an indication of great intelligence and wealth. You will achieve goals that you have worked hard to attain. Apples in your dream may also be a suggestion to look after your well-being so that you don't contract an illness or disease.

To dream that you are eating an apple implies that you are at peace and in accord with your present life situation. According to the Bible, eating an apple represents fantasies and sexual desires.

To see green apples symbolizes a relationship or friendship that will mature or will thrive.

To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream indicates that you are reaching for goals that are not satisfying and will not bring you pleasure. These goals may actually prove to be more destructive than not. It may also be an indication of your reckless attitude and behavior.

Apricot  No comments yet

To see apricots growing in your dream implies that although you foresee positive situations and events in your life, you will instead be faced with anguish and hardship.

To dream that you are eating apricots is an omen of future bad luck and perhaps tragedy.

To see others eating apricots in your dream implies that your life will be filled with misery and despair.

Artichoke  No comments yet

To see or eat an artichoke in your dream implies that an important issue needs to be scrutinized and dealt with thoroughly. It may also symbolize your ability to be inventive and innovative. You need to learn how to be more imaginative and develop your aptitude for originality.

Asparagus  No comments yet

A dream about asparagus symbolizes a profitable economic climate.

Avocado  No comments yet

Seeing an avocado or holding one in a dream suggests that you are holding back from increasing your prosperity. Avocados are a rich source of nutrients, however seeing the whole fruit indicates that there is something holding you back from gaining more good fortunes. A halved avocado would indicate that you are taking the right steps towards prosperity although you are not quite there yet. You have doubts which may continue holding you back if you let them.

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To dream about seeing or feeding baby food means that nourishment and compassion are needed in some situation. It can also be a more literal message - that you should be consuming less food.

To dream that you are eating baby food means that you are being required to review some item that you're already quite familiar with.

Bacon  No comments yet

Dreaming of bacon can represent anticipation of pleasurable activity and abundance. To dream of bacon cooking, enjoying the smell and looking forward to eating it implies you are in a good place in your life where you know what you want and are able in some way to provide it for yourself. To dream of associating bacon with the forbidden meat, then ask yourself if you desire what is not rightfully yours. Dreaming that you feel unwell or uncomfortable at the sight or smell of bacon then there may be a situation in your life that you need to resolve. It is possible that you have information that needs to be handed on to the appropriate party.

Bananas  No comments yet

To dream about bananas could symbolize suppressed carnal needs.

To dream about eating bananas means that your sincere efforts won't get you very far.

Barley  No comments yet

To dream of barley suggests a heated romance may be brewing in your waking life. Possibly a lifelong commitment of some kind may be in the wings but more likely a 'summer love affair'. Alternatively you may find yourself revisiting places of romantic significance with your lover.

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A dream about seeing or eating beans represents your heritage. It should cause you to think about how you fit into society. Beans also can symbolize your psyche and eternal life. There is also a link to the ability to reproduce.

Beef  No comments yet

To dream of raw beef symbolizes a return to basics and a search for nourishment.
Dreaming of cooked beef implies the end of a long, careful trek toward a goal.
Eating the beef means pondering on a serious situation or important piece of information, therefore you will need to make the decision soon.

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A dream about seeing or drinking beer symbolizes contentment, confusion or creativity. It's also an indication that you have a busy life with many friends.

Beets  No comments yet

If you like beets and to dream about seeing or eating them, it implies that you are generally content with your life although it may be little peculiar or unconventional. It could be a wide range of things like a bizarre, unpopular television show to a complicated, unusual workout regimen.
If you dislike beets and yet eat them in your dream, it is suggesting that you are in favor by majority at work.

Bell Pepper  No comments yet

Dreaming of a bell pepper is your subconscious mind telling you to add a little bit of spice into your life. Your mind is instructing you to add a bit of flair and variety to your waking life. Furthermore, if the bell pepper is paired with an object or being held by a person, consider spicing up your relationship, or actions with the object or person. For instance, if a bell pepper appears on a book, your subconscious mind is telling you to mix up your reading habits by reading a book that is totally new and fresh to you.
If the bell pepper is being held or prepared by your significant other, it is hinting you to spice up your romantic life or try something special for that person.

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Dreaming of berries on a bush means something growing and ripening in your life which is mainly a relationship or opportunity you are nurturing and caring for.
Dreaming of picking berries suggests you are yearning for leisure activity or time interacting with nature.
Eating berries in your dream indicates something good in your life and something of recent and prominent occurrence that is flowing to your mind a lot lately.

Beverage  No comments yet

Drinking an alcoholic beverage in a dream is associated with deep thoughts pondering about a big decision or situation.
Drinking a non-alcoholic beverage such as soda in a dream, your subconscious may be calling attention to how often and addicted you are to drinking sugary beverages.

Birdseed  No comments yet

To dream of feeding birds with birdseed signifies that you are encouraging your inner characteristics to flourish. It may also imply that you are not being adequately compensated for your hard work.
To dream that you are spreading birdseed on the ground indicates that financial ventures will reap little rewards.

Birthday Cake  No comments yet

A birthday cake in a dream means that your desires will be attained. It also signifies that you're comfortable with opening yourself up to other people.