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Academy  No comments yet

To dream about an academy can mean the meeting of new friends, but the relationships might come at a cost.

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To dream of acceptance could reveal issues of self-esteem and whether you're living up to the assumptions of others. During a dream in which you're awake, you may seek favorable reception from others.

Achievement  No comments yet

To dream about an achievement means that there will be a positive conclusion to some situation or endeavor.

Acquaintance  No comments yet

Seeing an acquaintance in your dream may represent great business affairs and balance in your personal life. You will encounter this acquaintance shortly after your dream. If you argue with an acquaintance, you could soon be faced with a humiliating experience.

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To dream that you are looking at an advertisement denotes that you should take great care to listen to a subliminal idea. The subject matter in the ad is indicative of an aspect of youself that wishes to be noticed or accepted. If someone you know is advertising themselves, then this symbolizes knowledge or expertise they possess that can aid you with a certain task. You should learn to accept assistance from others rather than trying to tackle a difficult problem on your own.

To dream that you are putting out an advertisement implies that you need to apply more effort in order to attain your desired end result.

Appointment  No comments yet

To dream that you are going to an appointment indicates that you need to set more objectives in your life. You are not being stimulated enough. To dream that you miss an appointment implies that you are focusing too much on the end result and should stop and concentrate on the small things around you.

Apprentice  No comments yet

To dream that you are an apprentice indicates that your hard work will help you achieve desired social status and importance.

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To dream about baking suggests that you possess talents for success and inventiveness. If you are combining different elements that normally don't blend, this indicates that you should search for the relationship between two independent objects or events. Sometimes these seemingly non-complementary items could show beneficial results.

Basting  No comments yet

To dream of basting may indicate a fear of allowing a situation in your life to unfold naturally just in case it doesn't. There is a suggestion of hard work and timing in a dream of basting but more importantly an acceptance that things have a natural timing that needs to be respected. It is possible that help you are trying to give may be being viewed as interference.

Blacksmith  No comments yet

To dream about a blacksmith is a sign of resilience and fortitude.

Carving  No comments yet

To dream about carving wood represents innovative and transcendental energy. You are altering your underlying subconscious energy in waking understanding. Decide whether the carving in the wood was either useful or simply decorative.

To dream that you are carving a cooked animal suggests that you are attempting to dispel particular emotions from within. You may be attempting to create space from your emotions and view them from an impartial perspective. On the contrary, someone or some circumstance could be in violation of certain parts of your life.

Clay  No comments yet

To dream of seeing or working with clay implies that you are a very imaginative and inventive person. It can also indicate your ability to influence or sway the opinions of others in your favor. This dream may mean that you haven't given yourself adequate objectives to strive for. It is time to organize your life and target your priorities.

In another view, clay can represent excrement or waste.

To see a clay pot in your dream is an indication of innocence, loyalty, and integrity.

Cleaners  No comments yet

To dream that you are at the cleaners may be suggesting that you are being taken advantage of by someone who you thought was a close friend. You should also attempt to resolve any issues or problems without resorting to violence or arguments.

Construction  No comments yet

To dream of construction implies that you are in the process of changing some aspect of your life. You possess determination, perseverance, and motivation.

Contract  No comments yet

To dream that you are signing a contract implies that you are prepared to pledge your entire being to an important task, project, or a significant other.

To dream that you enter into a bad contract indicates that you should analyze your true feelings and determine if this is really a long relationship that you want enter into.

Cooking  No comments yet

To dream that you are cooking implies that you want to manipulate others into needing your help or your presence. You hope that others can look up to you for guidance and wisdom. It may also suggest that you long to take care for others and comfort them. You are seeking affection and closeness.

To dream that you have difficulties cooking means that you need to stop exerting so much energy getting people to accept you.

Cultivate  No comments yet

To dream that you are cultivating indicates the need to push out your ill thoughts. To dream of cultivating is a symbol for weeding out 'bad grass,' which may stand for an uprooting of dire habits and bad intentions. This will allow you to grow as a person.

Decorate  No comments yet

To dream about decorating indicates that you will find that your business ventures work out. In addition, you will find increasing enjoyment in social engagements.

Digging  No comments yet

To dream that you are digging suggests that you are expending too much effort. You may be attempting to get to the bottom of a situation that has caused you grief. You could also be concerned with self-discovery or your inner persona.

To dream that you dig a hole and discover something shiny suggests that there will be good luck coming your way.

To dream that you dig a hole and fill it with water signifies that regardless of your effort, you cannot get things to turn out the way you want. You should understand the concept of compromise.

Dressing  No comments yet

To dream that you are having trouble getting dressed suggests that a malicious individual will take up your time and attention so much so that you will be unable to enjoy the better aspects of life.

To dream that you are wearing white indicates that you will have a long life with abundant health and happiness.