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To dream about being abducted means that your situation, or some person, controls you.

To dream about seeing someone being abducted means that unexpected news is coming.

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A dream of yourself involved in the film winning the Academy Awards or Oscars, can be seen as a direct manifestation of your goals in the movies or other related entertainment fields.
Dreaming of the Academy Awards when you have no professional link to the industry indicates the desire to be successful, liked, and recognized for your achievements.

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To dream of being in an accident can be a warning for you to avoid whichever situation was involved in your dream, regardless of what it is. Lives have been saved by heeding this advice. If your dream involves a car, you may want to walk whenever possible and use extra caution when surrounded by traffic. If your dream involved an airplane, take a different flight for at least two days after your dream. If you're not planning on traveling by sea, yet your dream involved a boat or sea accident, this could mean love affair problems. Business venture reversals could be signaled if your dream had to do with ancient or outdated modes of travel.

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To dream that you suffer from amnesia signals that you are attempting to ignore some flaw in yourself and that you fear moving in a new direction.

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To dream of an anniversary can symbolize various things depending on the type of anniversary and the context of the dream. Dreaming of a wedding or relationship anniversary is representative of love, commitment and fidelity.

Forgetting your anniversary in your dream indicates that you are
experiencing anxiety within your relationship or that there is currently animosity between yourself and your significant other.

A birthday symbolizes the passage of time as well as achievement and hope for the future, while the anniversary of a death symbolizes remembrance, commemoration and respect.

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To dream of the apocalypse indicates an inner conflict or struggle that you are experiencing. The dream may also signify a personality change. You might be choosing to follow a different path in life.

Armageddon  No comments yet

To dream about Armageddon indicates that you are suffering from depression. You are unable to manage important aspects of your life. This dream may be the result of deep turmoil and inner conflict.

Arson  No comments yet

To dream about arson indicates that you are repressing deep feelings of anger and fury. If you continue to keep these emotions suppressed, you risk the chance of hurting yourself or others.

Auction  No comments yet

To dream that you are at an auction suggests that either you are not giving the appropriate credit or attention to an item or person in your life, or you are being too attentive. This may also indicate that you need to look towards the future and utilize the knowledge you have gained to help you make decisions.

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To dream that you are at an audition suggests that you are uncomfortable with showing others your feelings and emotions. You hold the notion that you are being unfairly scrutinized and assessed. If you pay attention to the actions and words of the spectators, this can help you determine their perceptions of you.

Award  No comments yet

To dream about receiving an award means that you crave acceptance and praise for what you do.

Baby Shower  No comments yet

To dream about a baby shower is an indication of a fresh beginning. You will have the opportunity for a fresh start. It is an affirmation of life itself.

Bail  No comments yet

To dream that you are posting bail means that you need assistance in financial affairs. The message is that it's perfectly acceptable to welcome help.

Ballet  No comments yet

To dream about a ballet represents poise, teamwork and rapport.

To dream about wearing ballet slippers shows your understanding of harmony and dignity. You are obviously self-assured and well-liked.

Ballot  No comments yet

To dream of a ballot suggests uncertainty around a very specific issue in your waking life. Possibly you are putting too much investment into other's opinion of your idea. Dreaming of a ballot paper is helping you become aware that you are responsible for your own decisions and not only is it unfair to rely on someone else to make your decisions for you, it is also the less personally fulfilling way to go. Weighing up the pros and cons may be quite helpful but following your heart is quite likely the best way to go.

Ballroom Dancing  No comments yet

Dreaming that you are on the floor, dancing in Ballroom style indicates a deep inner grace and sends the message to trust yourself more. Your life is unfolding as it should and any changes that you desire to make will potentially go well at this time. Having faith in yourself is sometimes the hardest task of all but a dream of ballroom dancing signifies that you have every reason to, as you are naturally moving with the flow. To dream that you are clumsy on the floor indicates that you may be feeling over anxious about your next move and need to relax and let yourself take the next step despite your fear.

Baptism  No comments yet

To dream of a baby being baptized indicates rebirth and a rejuvenated view and hope of life. Being enveloped in water symbolizes death, but rising from water symbolizes rebirth and newness. Your previous self that was bound by negativity is gone and this new life you've chosen will find prosperity.

Spiritually, this dream indicates a rejuvenated faith in God and you are reaching a spiritual actualization.

Bar Mitzvah  No comments yet

To dream about a bar mitzvah represents the move from youth into maturity. It is indicative of your role in life, your beliefs about right and wrong, and your expectations.

Battle  No comments yet

A dream in which you see or participate in a battle is a sign that you are working too hard. You should take some time off. It's also an indication of a clash between your levelheaded thoughts and impetuous acts.

The battle can also indicate sexuality, and that you are too aroused or might be restraining your desires.

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