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To dream that you completed an addition problem means that you may have difficulty with a strenuous situation or stubborn foe.

To dream of a mistake in an addition problem means you will discover your opponents' plans in advance of their being able to run them.

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To dream of a calculator indicates there is an issue or situation in your waking life that requires your careful consideration. You have several options available to you, and it is important that you carefully map out your plan. Alternatively, it may represent a particularly crafty friend.

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To dream of the number eight represents strength, jurisdiction, prosperity, and revitalization. You should listen to your hunches when you have them.

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To dream of the number eighteen signifies materialistic desires as well as issues of corporeal affects. It can be a warning of deceit or others taking advantage of you.

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To dream about the number eleven represents instinct, transcendentalism, faith, and the ability to do anything you want. It represents the imagination you have within.

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The number fifteen signifies that tough circumstances are coming to an end.

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The number fifty represents everything that is virtuous.

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The number five represents your spontaneous nature and sense of adventure. It can also represent your ability to convince others, or the five senses. This number could indicate that you are ready to change direction in your life. It can also represent the relation between heaven and earth.

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To dream of the number forty indicates that time is your ally, not a foe. It represents a period of maturity, renewal, and preparation.

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To dream of the number forty-four represents a blessed alliance or holy wedding.

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To dream of the number four represents steadiness, physical restriction, hard work, and worldly qualities like the four corners of the earth. It also represents capitalistic issues. You are a person who makes things happen.

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To dream of the number fourteen represents your desire to adjust to situations as they happen. It also represents the notion of giving in to what feels good and not necessarily what is right. You should sharpen your focus on your ambitions and resolve.

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A nine in your dream denotes that you are on your way to progress, fulfillment, rebirth, and renewal. You aim to change the world for the better.

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To dream of the number nineteen suggests freedom and the conquering of personal challenges. You will realize the need to make a stand. Dreaming of number nineteen denotes bullheadedness and the refusal to accept assistance from others.

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To dream of numbers connotes unresolved matters in business dealings that cause anxiety and disappointment.

For interpretation of a specific number, kindly look up Dream Themes: Numbers.

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To dream of the number one represents individuality, isolation, ego, power, authenticity, beginning, and superiority. The number one in your dream also symbolizes a higher spiritual being.

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To dream of the number seven represents personal accomplishment, therapy, achievement, harmony, and realization of your inner sanctuary. You are considered to be an exceptional and unconventional person.

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To dream of the number seventeen symbolizes the soul.

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To dream of the number six represents teamwork, stability, serenity, excellence, comfort, and matters pertaining to matrimony and domestic issues. All aspects of your life are in perfect balance. It also implies that you are happy with your current situation and position in life.

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To dream of sixteen represents spiritual virtue and purity. It signifies replacing previous attributes, perceptions, or opinions with fresh ideas and outlooks. Your inner self has been renewed and revitalized.