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To dream you are a prince suggests a feeling of self-importance. You are proud of your accomplishments and admire the man in the mirror.

To see a prince in your dream foretells of receiving honor, achieving recognition, and gaining prestige.
It may also indicate you wish to find romance and your soul mate.

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To dream you are a princess signifies realization of your full potential. You still need to mature and refine your character. On the other hand, it may mean you make unreasonable demands and act like a spoiled brat.

For a male, to see a princess in his dream symbolizes an important female in his life, such as a sister. It portrays his idea of an ideal woman.

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*See Convict.

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To dream of a professor symbolizes superior intellect and sagacity. You may be able to gain expertise in a particular field.

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To dream you are a prostitute suggests your desire to experience and express absolute sexual freedom and power. You are preoccupied with thoughts about letting go of your inhibitions and fully exploring your sexuality. Your actual sex life may be too frigid. On the negative side, you may be nursing guilty feelings and bad thoughts about your current relationships. You have difficulty in reconciling a Puritan upbringing with having sex.

To dream you are with a prostitute suggests sexual deprivation or inadequacy. On the other hand, you may prefer a straightforward and easier way to have sex.

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To dream that you are a puppeteer hints that you are attempting to overpower or manipulate someone in your life.

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To dream of a queen suggests a visit from a woman with power. Be aware and alert if she chooses to address you as you will benefit from what she has to say.

This woman of authority may represent your awakening and taking charge, or an outsider entering your life unexpectedly.

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To dream of a rabbi suggests uncertainty about a situation in your recent past. It may be a value conflict in which you have said yes or no to someone but then regretted it later.

A rabbi handing you an object within a dream implies that you have the gift of discretion and diplomacy. Making amends for your faulty decision will be easier than expected.

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To meet a realtor in a dream represents a focus on yourself and your relationships.
To consider many houses in a dream may symbolize many potential mates, or potential paths in life.
To dream of a realtor who sells your house indicates that you desire a break with your past.

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To dream that you are a rebel represents a need to step outside the norm. You may need to try new things, take risks, or seek adventure to find true happiness.
To be a rebel in a dream may also indicate that you need to take a fresh perspective in order to solve a problem.

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To dream of the sight of your relatives denotes personal involvement with your family, and the emotions associated with them. This dream mirrors some aspects about yourself.

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To dream of having a roommate means that you are wanting to share your life with someone or that you want to get closer to someone. If the roommate is an annoyance then you are looking to rid yourself of someone close to you.

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To dream of a positive Sagittarian coming to see you may indicate that you are ready to open up a new aspect of self; an optimistic, freedom-loving, honest, and philosophical side that you may not have considered you possess.

Dreaming of a negative interaction with a Sagittarian implies that you may have been tactless, irresponsible, and superficial recently. There is a need to make amends.

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To dream of a sailor or sailors indicates that a message from overseas may be on its way to you.

Dreaming of yourself as a sailor implies a readiness to explore emotions that you have been avoiding for some reason; courage may be filling you with readiness for adventure.

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To dream of a saint signifies that you are about to receive an important and significant spiritual message.

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To dream of a salesperson indicates that there is something lacking in your life.

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To dream that you are a samurai symbolizes respect and responsibility. It indicates that you are having issues and problems fulfilling an obligation.

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Santa Claus in a dream represents comfort and happiness because he may have a strong connection to your father.
Alternatively, Santa Claus may represent Christmas.
A Santa Claus who appears menacing in a dream indicates that you are feeling stressed preparing for a holiday.
To see someone dressed as Santa Claus in a dream applies the characteristics of Santa Claus to them. For example, to see your brother dressed as Santa Claus indicates that you believe he is a kind and generous person.

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To dream that you are a scientist symbolizes your desire to try new things and express your individuality.

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To dream that you are a sculptor indicates that you are confident in your abilities to achieve your dreams and work through challenges. It may also signify your search for inner peace and truth.