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Optometrist  No comments yet

To dream of visiting the optometrist implies a necessity to keep your eyes wide open at this time in your life. You may have been letting someone fool you for too long; you may have known this, but have not had the courage or information to speak up. A dream such as this indicates that there is enough courage and life energy available to you to make some necessary changes in your life.

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An orthodontist in a dream represents worry about your control over others' perceptions of you. To have an adjustment at the orthodontist in a dream indicates your need to reevaluate the signals you give to others.

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To dream of relaxing with an ottoman while being engaged in a conversation about love foretells a jealous rival's plan to vilify you in the eyes of your lover.

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To dream that you are an outcast indicates that you have a strong anxiety about your social status in life. You may feel that you do not deserve the high status you have and secretly doubt others' respect for you.

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An outlaw in a dream represents the side of your personality which is unacceptable to society. You may have previously been discouraged from pursuing a goal and now this part of you is requesting a second look. Times may have changed and you might be feeling strong enough to renew your efforts to achieve these goals.
To dream that you are threatened by an outlaw indicates that you are afraid of an improper desire's power over you.

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To dream of a pagan indicates the need to spend time in nature and strengthen your connection with the earth. Life may have been getting busy and the pace may have been quickening, so it is time to simplify your life.

The people in your life may not approve as you spend time connecting with the more natural aspect of yourself.

Paparazzi  No comments yet

To be followed by the paparazzi in a dream represents pressure to perform. You may feel that everyone is watching you and you are nervous that you will not be able to meet others' expectations.
To be the paparazzi in a dream indicates that you may have an unresolved obsession. Try to identify who or what it is that you are following in the dream and find a way to let it go in your real life.
To see the paparazzi in a dream symbolizes being in the presence of greatness.

Parents  No comments yet

To dream of your parents represents authority, comfort, and affection. You may also be conveying your anxieties and worries about your own parents.

Dreaming of parents may also symbolize the union of the feminine and masculine facets of your personality.

*See Father, Mother.

Parking Attendant  No comments yet

A parking attendant in a dream represents someone who is always waiting. It may be time to take the reins and listen to yourself rather than always serving others.

Pastor  No comments yet

To meet a pastor in a dream symbolizes spiritual guidance. A pastor in a dream may give you advice or lead you to further symbols which are meant to help you solve a problem.

Patient  No comments yet

To dream that you are a patient symbolizes your healing process.

To dream of that you are a patient may indicate that you need to be more patient in your daily life.

Pharaoh  No comments yet

To dream that you are a pharaoh represents self-realization of your power and influence. It likewise implies your link to the spiritual and divine.

Photographer  No comments yet

To dream that you are a photographer symbolizes a preoccupation with cherishing and clinging tightly to memorable images and events from the past.

Physician  No comments yet

*See Doctor

Pilot  No comments yet

To dream that you are a pilot suggests that you take control of your life. You are in full control of your life journey. You remain positive and confident in your choices and achievements.

Pioneer  No comments yet

To dream that you are a pioneer indicates that you are currently discovering certain aspects of your unconscious. You are exploring various approaches in expressing yourself and expanding your outlook in life.

Pirate  No comments yet

To dream of a pirate signals the presence of some persons or situations creating discord to your emotional life. You may feel that someone has dishonored or attacked your creativity.

On the other hand, the pirate may symbolize liberty and a person who bravely goes against authority. You may be longing to explore new life voyages and riskier undertakings.

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To dream of the police is a forewarning to avoid unacceptable behavior.
A dream involving a police officer symbolizes the establishment and its rules and regulations. It may also mean a failure on your part to fulfill and honor your responsibilities and promises.
To dream that you are arrested by the police suggests guilty feelings about your repressed emotions or sexuality.
To dream you are a police officer indicates your moral compass. Your dream may be directing you to a righteous path. If you have recurring dreams of being a police officer, it may mean a guilty past. Your dream calls for you to look at your acts and wrongdoings from police perspective.
To dream that you are having difficulties in contacting the police suggests ineffectual authority. Take command of a given situation and be in control of the circumstances in your life.
To dream of being pulled over by police suggests taking time off from your busy schedule and refraining from stressful activities.
To see or dream that you are chasing a felon suggests a moral dilemma which you need to resolve.

Preacher  No comments yet

To dream of a preacher signifies a hard lesson learned from having done wrong, and its subsequent feeling of guilt and atonement. It may be that you are being unduly hard on yourself.

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To dream of the president is associated with power and authority. It may depict your personal assessment of the president.