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To dream of the police is a forewarning to avoid unacceptable behavior.
A dream involving a police officer symbolizes the establishment and its rules and regulations. It may also mean a failure on your part to fulfill and honor your responsibilities and promises.
To dream that you are arrested by the police suggests guilty feelings about your repressed emotions or sexuality.
To dream you are a police officer indicates your moral compass. Your dream may be directing you to a righteous path. If you have recurring dreams of being a police officer, it may mean a guilty past. Your dream calls for you to look at your acts and wrongdoings from police perspective.
To dream that you are having difficulties in contacting the police suggests ineffectual authority. Take command of a given situation and be in control of the circumstances in your life.
To dream of being pulled over by police suggests taking time off from your busy schedule and refraining from stressful activities.
To see or dream that you are chasing a felon suggests a moral dilemma which you need to resolve.