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To dream that you are walking through a long corridor indicates that you find yourself in a stagnant position. You can't seem to break free from an uncomfortable routine. This corridor is the path you must follow in order to leave the past and move onto a new stage or new direction.

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To dream that you are in court because of charges brought against you implies that you feel regret or shame for some action or deed. Something is causing you anguish and anxiety. Perhaps it seems that others are criticizing or condemning you for some mistake or transgression.

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To dream of a crater represents different characteristics and attributes of your personality that are gradually becoming known. This dream may also be indicative of thoughts, feelings, and occurrences from your youth or childhood.

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To dream that you are at a crossroad indicates that you have an important and perhaps difficult choice to make. Whichever path you take will lead you into a significant direction. Be careful and thoroughly assess each option before you come to a conclusion.

Cruise  No comments yet

To dream that you are on a cruise symbolizes some emotional ride that you are currently experiencing. The dream may also signify optimism in your situation, particularly in 'cruising' through life where things fall into the right place as the moment calls for it. This suggests a life with ease.

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To dream about a dam indicates that you have sentiments or ideas that you should keep buried.

To dream about a dam that bursts signifies that your anger is overpowering you and you are dealing with an abundance of emotions.

Dance Class  No comments yet

A dance class in your dream implies the imminent release from a discouraging emotional situation. It suggests rapid growth based on prior personal development and inner fortitude, in other words, you may be about to reap the harvest of seeds sown in the past.
To dream that you are watching a dance class in progress can indicate movement into a pleasurable period of creativity.
Dreaming that you are late for a dance class belies an unconscious fear that life may be passing you by.

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To dream of running a daycare center suggests that there may be too much on your plate at this time. An overwhelming sense of responsibility could be leaving you with residual stress and affecting your working life negatively.
To desire day care for your children in your dream indicates a trust issue may be becoming clear within a close relationship. To dream of finding excellent care for your children shows that you are in the flow of life and have a good level of faith that all is well.

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Dreaming of a dead end that is marked by a wall is showing that it may be time to re-evaluate a situation in your waking life. A dead end can indicate that a current situation is not working out quite as you may have expected and a feeling of disappointment is likely if you are to continue. To dream of a dead end that is marked by trees or an open space implies that there is another way to go that will produce a fruitful outcome.

Deck  No comments yet

To dream that you are out on the deck signifies your affiliation with your inner being and with nature that surrounds you. You should become attuned more to your background.

Deli  No comments yet

To dream of a deli may indicate a movement toward the fulfillment of an exciting ambition. A great selection of money-making ideas may be about to become available and ready to put into action. To dream of owning a deli ensures success.

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To dream that you are in a den indicates employment, labor, manufacturing, or organization.

Desert  No comments yet

To dream that you are walking through a desert suggests bad luck and deprivation. Your good name could be under assault. Deserts are symbols of emptiness, void of hope, infertility, and a sense of being alone.

Dining Room  No comments yet

To dream that you are in a dining room indicates that you have a thirst for expertise and comprehension. There could be a significant choice in your life.

Dormitory  No comments yet

To dream that you are in a dormitory suggests the level to which you consider wisdom and education in your life. You could feel that you learn in every aspect of life. If you are residing in a dormitory at present, then you may simply be dreaming about your current situation.

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To dream that you are downtown suggests your fixation on wealth and materialistic things. It can also represent the fast-paced aspects of your life.

Driveway  No comments yet

To dream about going up a driveway indicates that your travels have come to an end. This dream also suggests safety and tranquility. It can also indicate your journey to reaching a sense of harmony within yourself and your faith.

Dungeon  No comments yet

To dream about being in a dungeon indicates that you will rise above roadblocks in life through your intelligence and perseverance.

Egypt  No comments yet

To dream of Egypt indicates that you may be longing for a simpler time in your life. To dream of Egypt represents your need to reconnect with your own thoughts, spirituality, and feelings.

Eiffel Tower  No comments yet

Dreaming of the Eiffel Tower means that you are aspiring to a higher emotional state. You're seeking or have found love and friendship. Standing on top of the Eiffel Tower or near it in a dream is very positive and a good sign for new relationships.