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To dream about Australia means that you believe you are being tugged toward opposing poles. It might also symbolize a deep look into your unfettered inner self. Australia, known as the 'land down under,' could represent your innermost buried thoughts.

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If you are inside a house or building when a backdoor appears in your dream state, you are most likely looking for an easy way out of a situation. People are more inclined to escape through the backdoor when they feel don't belong there in the first place or they prefer to stay reserved for personal reasons.
If you are outside a home or a building facing and looking at the backdoor, you will be soon involved in finding a solution to an issue that is unconventional or morally questionable.

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Dreaming of a backseat suggests that you could be feeling that you are not quite in control of an aspect of your life.

Being stuck in the backseat of a vehicle and unable to change your position indicates that it may be time for some internal inquiry. You may have eagerly handed over control of your life to somebody else, but are now resenting them for it.

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To dream of being backstage is notifying you of your ability to understand the truth. The power to change a situation is actually well within your reach. There are certain aspects of your life that will bring you knowledge and help you in moving toward greater success. Be more aware in your daily life of signs and opportunities.

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To dream about your backyard indicates recollections of your youth or subconscious. The things in your backyard are those that you wish to remain buried in the past. The neatness of your backyard indicates the balance in your own life. This dream also indicates hardship.

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A dream featuring a bake house foretells troubles and obstacles heading your way.

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To dream about a bakery is a sign of affluence and achievement, as well as very prosperous days to come.

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To dream of a balcony symbolizes a need to be acknowledged. It might also be a sign that your social status is improving.

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To dream of a bank signifies your hopes for monetary stability. This dream could represent that your insecurities about finances are not based in reality.

If you dream that you are robbing a bank, this represents that you are spending excessive efforts and could run out of energy.

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To dream about being at a banquet means that your feelings are starved and need to be aroused.

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To dream about being in a bar represents your wish for deliverance from day-to-day anxiety and a need to move toward enjoyable activities. It also indicates that you are seeking approval for something.

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To dream about a barn symbolizes hidden feelings. It might mean that you are restraining your basic desires.

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Dreaming of empty barracks implies a weakness of resolve and as much as you may feel you have the support of an army in your family and friends, you may find them unwilling to deal with this particular fight.

Dreaming that you are standing in a barracks with many other soldiers may be a message of strong support in a confrontation you find yourself in.

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To dream about being in a basement represents your subconscious and sense of intuition. It shows how content you are in the subconscious realm.

To dream about a cluttered basement is an indication of conflicted feelings over some issue. It could also symbolize flaws that you see in yourself.

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To dream about being on a battlefield represents a serious struggle you are engaged in.
It is the symbolic equivalent to people taking shots at you in your waking life. You are concerned, feel vulnerable or are currently being bombarded by issues, pain or hardship. You feel that you are out in the open and vulnerable to attack or conflict. At this time, your waking life is inhabited by someone or something that can hurt you. It is one from which you must emerge victorious.
Observing a battlefield from above in a dream symbolizes your inability to intervene effectively in a situation. In other words, you want to help or have been trying to help someone but it is something that is out of your hand or you're not contributing anything meaningful.

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To dream about a bay symbolizes comprehension. Some situation is becoming more clear-cut. The dream can also mean that you are pushing away a person who wants to be near you.

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To see the beach in your dream indicates a merging of your conscious and subconscious. The sand represents logic and practicality, and the water stands for the more impulsive and spontaneous attributes. It is a place of transition between the physical/material and the spiritual.

To dream that you are on the beach and looking out toward the ocean represents unfamiliar and strange adaptations that you are experiencing. Pay attention to the condition of the ocean; is it serene, choppy, or stormy?

To dream that you are looking toward the beach proposes that you are searching for a comfortable and habitual situation or feeling. You may also be acknowledging and consenting to transformations that are occurring.

To dream that you are relaxing on a beach implies that the future will bring you serenity and harmony. You will be free of anxieties and worries, and will instead experience solace.

To dream that you are working on the beach is an indication of a task or project that will require a great deal of energy to complete.

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Dreaming of a beach house indicates your desire for more relaxation, specifically a secluded place to go for peace and relaxation.

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To dream about being in a bedroom symbolizes things that you keep from others. It also is representative of your carnal desires and romantic dealings.