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*See Harbor

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To dream you are in a post office suggests that your inner self or subconscious is telling you something of importance. It may be in relation to getting in touch with someone. It may also mean reinforcing what you believe in.

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To dream that you are standing on the quay suggests a demeanor given to melancholy.

To stand on the quay and see water that is rough and frightening indicates a fear of releasing your addiction to sad thoughts or depression. These emotional states have been serving you in some way.

To dream of calm water may mean you will find it easy to think more positively and release some melancholy moodiness once and for all.

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To dream of being sucked into quicksand indicates you may be in an emotional bind in your waking life. An activity you are participating in is producing a feeling of judgment, whether of another person or yourself. This may be draining you of important life energy. There is courage needed to pull yourself free from the influences that are keeping you in this negative vortex of attraction.

To dream of pulling another person or yourself from quicksand is alerting you that you can turn around your situation now.

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To dream of a racetrack is a caution to keep your options open. Putting all your energy into one project could unwittingly remove the focus from another project that may be more beneficial for you at this time.

Keep your energy clean and 'back more than one horse.' This is possibly related to career choice.

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To dream that you are at a ranch means that you must take control of and accountability for your life and goals. The dream may also be closely linked to your own occupation and concerns about your finances.

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To dream that you are in a recording studio suggests that you may have a future in music.
To be in a recording studio in a dream may also indicate that you desire to be heard. It may be time to make your thoughts and ideas known.

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To dream you are in a resort is your body's way of saying that you are overworked or overstressed. You need to relax.

Alternatively, it may be a metaphorical 'last resort.' Get help from others if you are unable to resolve it by yourself.

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To dream that you are in a restaurant symbolizes your current state, particularly of your being.

It suggests that you are feeling engulfed by a long list of choices and decisions you have to make. Alternatively, it suggests a preference to seek emotional assistance from people outside your present social circle.

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To dream that you are in a room relates to a particular aspect of your personality or relationship with people. Dreams about different rooms may correlate to subconscious thoughts, desires, and facets of your identity.

To dream that you find or discover new rooms signifies new vitality, growing emotional maturity, and capability in meeting new challenges.

To see a comfortable room signifies wealth and satisfaction in real life.

To notice a dark, scary, or small room connotes feelings of being penned up, trapped, or repressed.

*See Bathroom or Kitchen

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To dream of visiting a salon may suggest that you are placing great focus on the way others perceive you. Too much attention is being placed on your outer beauty and attractiveness. It may also imply that a situation or relationship is fraught with dishonesty and concealment. It can also signify a coming or desired change.

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A sanctuary in a dream is a place where you keep your secrets.
To claim sanctuary in a dream suggests that you have a fear of exposure among your peers. You may be hiding from something on the outside. Try to determine what it is you are escaping from, and confront that problem in your waking life.

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To dream of a sand dune suggests that you want to escape from some truth or issue that you deem to be unpleasant and distasteful.

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To dream that you are in school indicates that you sill harbor unsettled feelings and emotions about your youth. You may feel insufficient and unable to perform a task to the best of your ability. You may be experiencing some sort of divine revelation.

If you are still in school and you dream about school, then this can simply be a reflection of your experiences. In addition, a dream that takes place in school may represent morals that you have been taught throughout your life.

*See Teacher

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To dream that you are at a shelter indicates that you are experiencing an incident involving feelings of vulnerability. You are searching for refuge and protection. It also indicates that you are afraid of diversity and unfamiliarity.

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To dream of the shore symbolizes that you have been able to reconcile an internal conflict and you are now at peace with your feelings. It also represents where your emotions and reason intersect.

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To dream of seeing or creating a shrine suggests that you are pouring an excessive amount of time and enthusiasm into a certain situation or aspect.

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To dream that you are in a slaughterhouse implies that you may need to concede a quality or attribute so that you can continue on with your life. You may need to cut off a part of yourself in order to move ahead.

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To dream that you live in the slums implies that you are harboring unconstructive and pessimistic emotions. Your ideas and morals aren't coming to fruition.

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To dream about South America implies that you are dealing with a hardship or problem that you are attempting to overcome. It also suggests that you are impulsive.