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To see or sit on bleachers in your dream indicates that your observations will help you reach your objectives. The appearance of bleachers may also represent emotions that you associate with your school years.

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Dreaming of a boarding house symbolizes that you either feel unloved or like you are not special as in being just another face in a crowd in waking life. This feeling is manifested in the form of a boarding house, where all individuals are treated equally and generally not very luxuriously, therefore it lacks personal care and attention.

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Dreaming that you are away at a boarding school suggests that you're fearful of getting shunned because of your malicious intention or behavior. Your subconscious mind is worried about the repercussions of misbehavior.

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Dreaming of a boardwalk that is entertaining, maybe with lots of vendors and carnival games, symbolizes a search for fun, fresh air and free time.
Dreaming of a boardwalk that is long or never ending symbolizes a distant journey ahead from which you cannot escape. For instance, choosing to buy a home and having a baby are two big decisions in life that require commitment and responsibility.

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To see a boathouse in your dream indicates a feeling of confinement and staleness in waking life. Just as a boat sitting idle and unmoving in a boathouse, you feel in waking life that you are being stuck, not progressing nor growing.
Dreaming that you are preparing to take a boat out of the boathouse prominently implies that you are soon to be free with more choices in waking life, especially if you untie a boat and set it out into the open water in your dream.

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Being inside a bomb shelter in your dream means you need to protect yourself from unexpected ridicule, sadness or anger. Someone's anger or frustration may be affecting you negatively which could end up hurting you emotionally or physically. Your dream is alerting you by placing yourself inside a bomb shelter to shield you from this or some other type of pain, rage, mockery or misery caused by someone.

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A bonfire in a dream means that you should go in a different direction and reevaluate your priorities.

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To dream of a book store indicates that fictional and unrealistic ambitions will divert your attention from more important tasks and projects. These goals, if achieved, will prove fruitless and unfulfilling.

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A dream of participating in boot camp is generally your subconscious self remarking on your opinions of order, uniformity, and 'tough love' but it depends on the state of emotion in your dream. For instance, feeling miserable to be in boot camp may be a sign that you are getting exhausted from militaristic life style as of late. A dream of showing excitement to be in boot camp means your positive attitude is bringing good influence in your life.

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A dream in which you see or cross a border means that you are traversing major new paths. It also can symbolize the coming together of two different thoughts.

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Dreaming of being inside a boxing ring means you are about to make a difficult decision on something. If you are in the ring waiting for your opponent, you are driving the conflict. If your opponent is waiting for you in the ring and you are contemplating whether or not to climb in, you are at a crucial stage in your waking life. It is better to decide sooner though, rather than later about whether to confront the issue now or let it go by.

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Dreaming of Brazil is related to life, excitement or exploration.
To dream of Brazil with an emphasis on its nature and rain forest indicates freedom and satisfaction in life.
Dreaming of the nightlife, music and dancing in Brazil symbolizes excitement or strong feelings about something.
Dreaming of Brazil as if you were visiting the country means it may now be a good time to go on a trip or take a much needed break.

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To dream that you are crossing a bridge indicates that you have reached a significant crossroad. The choice you make can bring you great fortune, success, and happiness.

Bridges symbolize a major change that will propel you to new levels of awareness or personal growth.

To dream of a run-down bridge is a warning not to consider altering any aspects of your life until sometime in the future.

To see a bridge collapse in your dream implies that you haven't taken advantage of a potentially beneficial chance.

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To dream that you are in a brothel indicates dissatisfaction and deprivation in your emotional or sexual relationship. Your physical urges need attention.

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Dreaming of a buffet symbolizes overindulgence. Generally, eating at a buffet restaurant doesn't indicate negative overindulgence but rather it signifies more of a free-spirited, happy overindulgence like laying on the couch all day watching movies or calling in sick to go on a long weekend vacation.

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To dream of a building symbolizes your physical being. Your state of comprehension is indicated by which floor of the building you are on. If you are in the lower levels of the building, the dream reflects your base desires, sexual wants and needs.

To see a ruined or damaged building implies that you need to tackle a problem or issue in a different method. Your current system is proving to be unsuccessful. You must make major alterations. Perhaps your ego has been damaged.

To dream that you or someone falls off a building implies that you are beginning to understand the various aspects of your personality. It may also represent your anxieties regarding your ability to finish a project or reach an objective.

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To dream about a burial means that you have banished bad attitudes or behaviors and escaped from some negative condition. If you dream that you are burying someone alive, it is a sign of mental anguish.

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To dream of a cabana suggests a need for distance from a situation in your waking life. To dream of a cabana by the sea implies that you may be responding emotionally in a situation that requires rational thought. A cabana denotes the need to calm down and approach a situation in your waking life from a place of deeper acceptance. Dreaming of joyful activity in and around a cabana may be indicating the importance of some alone time before undertaking a task away from home.

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To dream of a cabaret is suggesting a need to 'lighten up' regarding another's choices. Dreaming of performing in a cabaret can indicate a desire to let your hair down and express yourself more radically. A feeling of distaste whilst dreaming of watching a cabaret shows a mismatch in the values between yourself and another. A cabaret in your dream may also expose a need for attention and acceptance from someone close to you.

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To dream of a cafe implies a secret desire to be noticed. A dream of a busy cafe denotes the ability to grow in confidence and to be more productive in your career and/or social life. Dreaming of an empty cafe belies a deep loneliness and the ability to overcome it at this time in your life. Any cafe within a dream is a reminder that to overcome awkwardness in your daily life, you must first acknowledge your feelings without judgment then become involved in activities you might normally shy away from.