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To dream of peanut butter represents your difficulty in articulating your opinions and insights. Dreaming of peanut butter may also symbolize a misunderstanding, particularly when you are unable to express what you truly mean.

Peanuts  No comments yet

To dream of seeing peanuts indicates the importance of facing the truth or core of a matter. You may also need to exert greater effort and make the most of your capabilities. Try to consider the peanuts in your dream, as it may suggest money or the lack thereof. To dream of peanuts symbolizes your financial problems.

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To dream of a pear represents the womb and fruitfulness. It refers to some of the females in your life.

The pear commonly refers to the Virgin Mary. Dreaming of a pear may also suggest a 'pair' of something.

Seeing a pear in your dream halts new opportunities and stakes at hand.

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To dream of peas symbolizes insignificant problems that are a constant nuisance.

Pepper  No comments yet

To dream of pepper suggests you need to 'spice up' your life and introduce variety. Alternatively, the dream signals that something is bothering or irritating you. The context of your dream may be pointing out the source of your annoyance.

Pie  No comments yet

To dream of a pie represents that there will be some reward for your efforts. It also shows that you may be stretching yourself beyond your abilities. On the other hand, it may be a metaphor for getting your fair share as in 'piece of the pie.'

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To dream of a pineapple embodies self-assurance, aspiration, and victory. You are confident in your undertakings. Alternatively, it indicates sexual problems and control issues.

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To dream of pizza stands for abundance, alternatives, and variety. It may also suggest a prevailing feeling of deprivation over something you wish to possess or accomplish.

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To dream of a plum signifies youthfulness, strength, and vigor. It may also represent how you look at yourself, including your perception about your body. The plum may also mean that you feel 'plump.'

A plum tree represents the vitality and innocence in youth. It may mean overcoming your difficulties and challenges in life.

Pomegranate  No comments yet

To dream of pomegranates represents well-being and a long, fruitful life. It also indicates sexual attraction. Alternatively, it is an omen for blood.

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To dream of popcorn indicates that you possess a very creative nature. It may also indicate awareness of new truths and facts.

Potato  No comments yet

To dream of potatoes implies being lazy and/or dull-witted.

Eating or seeing mashed potatoes suggests anxiety over financial matters.

Potato Chips  No comments yet

To dream of potato chips signifies the hedonist in you.

Prunes  No comments yet

To dream of prunes signifies an emotional or artistic 'dead end.' It may likewise represent old age as in a commonly used in the figure of speech, 'wrinkled like a prune.'

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To dream of radishes growing in abundance implies a dietary question concerning vitamins and minerals. You may need to check that you are receiving the correct nutrients (especially vitamin c). This may have been niggling at you for some time and only now are you ready to take control of your diet.

Raisins  No comments yet

To dream that you are eating raisins forewarns you of attacks and demeaning remarks that will serve the purpose of crushing your hopes for the success of a project.

Rice  No comments yet

To dream of grains of rice signifies victory, wealth, luck, abundance, and warm friendships.

To dream that you are eating rice projects the joy and peace you experience in your own home.

To dream that you are cooking rice signifies the act of 'cooking up' new projects and responsibilities. This will bring you satisfaction.

To see dirty rice signifies sickness and severance from friends.

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To dream of a roast symbolizes depression brought about by a betrayal or a secret. This may also relate to worries surrounding your domestic life.

Salad  No comments yet

To dream that you are eating a salad signifies that in order to elevate your inner harmony, you must be willing to be influenced only by positive experiences rather than negative. It can also mean that you possess the desire to live a healthier life.

Salad Dressing  No comments yet

To dream of someone handing you a bottle of salad dressing suggests you will be surprised and delighted by a new connection in your life.

To dream of wishing your salad had dressing implies a desire to bring a little zest into your waking life; your life may have become mundane and left you feeling as though you are in a rut.