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To eat meatballs in a dream is to feel comforted and close to home.
To make meatballs in a dream is to collect your thoughts. You may be forming a new idea.
Alternatively, to eat a meatball which you made in your dream symbolizes saving the idea for later.

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To dream of drinking milk implies prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. This is a positive dream for females.

If the milk is sour, then it indicates that a problem suffered by a close peer will cause you great stress. If it is impure, then it implies that you will be facing minor issues and obstacles.

To see milk in large quantities represents future status and prosperity

To dream of dealing in milk commercially also denotes a gain in wealth.

To give milk away reflects your compassionate and charitable nature.

To spill milk implies that a close peer will be the cause of a brief period of distress.

To dream of trying unsuccessfully to drink milk represents the chance of falling out of favor with someone you emulate. It may also mean that you will no longer have possession of some important item.

To dream of hot milk implies that you will achieve prosperity and status after minor hardships.

To dream of bathing in milk suggests that you have many close and supportive peers

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To dream that you are eating a muffin suggests that you got a taste for beautiful and expensive things. You will soon acquire a new, expensive possession. If you dream of baking muffins, your hard work will soon reap the rewards of your effort.

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To dream of mushrooms denotes corrupt and unscrupulous practices to gain wealth. This may work against you and engage you in lawsuits.

To dream that you are eating mushrooms implies that you will be disgraced and abandoned by persons you trust. You will be faced with multiple challenges and personal battles.

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To dream of nachos suggests that you may have unusually high expectations in a particular situation.

To dream of nachos with all the trimmings suggests that you should tone down your expectations, especially if they are of another person's behavior. This is best, as you ultimately have no control over the other person. Your desire for spice or drama has led you to focus on others, but it is only you who can provide true fun and adventure for yourself.

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Nectar in a dream symbolizes the fruits of your labor.
To drink nectar in a dream symbolizes joy of your success.

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To dream of seeing or consuming noodles implies abnormal desire and appetite.

Nutmeg  No comments yet

A dream in which you cook with nutmeg indicates that you may wish to add some spice to your life. You may be looking for more entertainment or excitement.
Alternatively, nutmeg may also symbolize fond memories of home.

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To dream that you are eating oatmeal represents your encompassing and thorough knowledge of a matter. On the other hand, to dream that you are preparing and serving oatmeal suggests dominion over the fate of a close person.

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To dream of oats being fed to a horse symbolizes extravagance and comfort entering your life.

Alternately, the dream of oats being rejected by the animal suggests wrong decisions pertaining to financial assets or living situations.

To dream of seeing decayed oats hints of deficiencies or lurking enormous grief.

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To dream of an omelet suggests that treachery, pretense, and flattery will be used against you.

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To dream of an onion indicates that you will be the focus of envy, malice, and resentment as a result of your accomplishments. It also suggests a series of layers you have to get through and ascertain regarding current concerns.

Eating an onion indicates conquering all adversaries, while seeing cooked onions implies slight expansion in business.

A dream that you are slicing onions suggests being won over by your enemies.

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To dream of orange trees symbolizes health and wealth. Eating oranges in your dream connotes a negative gut feeling, disapproval in your business associations, sickness in your family circle, and severance/failure of a lover.

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To dream of consuming oysters is closely associated with sexual drive and pleasures. This further represents your immorality and lack of good judgment and determined will to achieve worldly pleasures and extravagance.

The sight of an oyster in your dream stands for loveliness, modesty, wealth, knowledge, and a relaxed ambiance. It also connotes the likelihood of keeping to yourself.

Seeing oyster shells in your dream foretells of disappointments in your pursuit of other people's fortunes.

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To dream that you are making or eating pancakes signifies happiness and satisfaction in your current life. This may also refer to the satisfaction and enjoyment you experience from your work.

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To dream of a papaya suggests the need for healing.

Eating papaya or getting the juice on your skin may be letting you know that a healing is currently occurring in your life.

A papaya tree abundant with fruit is a message that there is a solution to every problem. Do not feel anxious, as complete physical or emotional healing is always possible regardless of statistics, concepts, and old-fashioned ideas.

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Passion fruit in a dream symbolizes fertility and spiritual energy.
To drink passion fruit juice in a dream is to take on additional spiritual and fertile powers. You may be mentally preparing yourself for a difficult path ahead.

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To make pasta in a dream is to form an opinion about a situation. To eat pasta in a dream represents the acceptance of this position.
To make or eat pasta which is corkscrew shaped indicates that you may have some confusion over your opinion.
To eat pasta in a dream may also represent a yearning for travel to Italy, or memories of home.
To see pasta which is elbow shaped in a dream in particular may refer to childhood memories of macaroni and cheese.

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To dream of a pastry symbolizes extravagance, sensual bliss, and fulfillment. You are enjoying life and benefiting from its rewards.

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To dream of a peach embodies pleasure and joy. You take delight in the small, trivial things in life. The dream may also mean that an aspect in your life is going well and could be described as being 'peachy.' On the other hand, dreaming of a peach insinuates lust and sensuality. The peach may be a symbolism for your loved one.