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To dream about salami may represent feelings of inadequacy and failure. To have a dream involving salami may also reflect problems or sexual concerns in a relationship.

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To dream of salmon suggests that you possess great determination to prevail over any trials and challenges you may face in the pursuit of success. Communicating and managing your feelings are tasks that you find relatively effortless.

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To dream of salsa implies a willingness to accept the beauty and differences of others.

To open a jar of salsa suggests a sudden movement in a totally different direction in your waking life.

To dream of dancing the salsa is a likely opening of the heart and possible enhancement in the relationship section of your life.

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To dream of a sandwich indicates that you are harboring feelings of frustration and stress towards some aspect in your life. It can also represent your talent for multitasking. In some situations, a sandwich in your dream may simply be a sandwich.

To see or eat a fish sandwich denotes an inner struggle between faith and reason.

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To dream of eating sardines indicates that you are unafraid of what others think of you.

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To dream of seeing or tasting sauce symbolizes your knowledge and mental powers. If you contemplate the taste and appearance, this can also convey a deeper meaning.

The dream may also be an indication that you should speak your mind more and express your thoughts more pointedly.

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To eat sauerkraut in a dream represents connections to your father. Fond memories of baseball and hotdogs may have connected sauerkraut to your home and family.

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To dream of sausage embodies the male genitalia and possible conflicts you may be experiencing in sexual matters. It also represents the importance of objects in your life.

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To dream of seafood symbolizes your understanding that your psychosomatic and physical awareness are combined as one. The dream may also simply mean food.

*See Food

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To dream that you're enjoying a snack indicates anticipation of small pleasures in your waking life. To be hungry and in search of a snack implies that you may be about to look at different avenues for satisfy yourself, such as a new hobby.

Dreaming of feeling guilty for indulging in a sweet snack could be a message from your unconscious to avoid an extramarital flirtation or affair.

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To dream of seeing or eating spaghetti implies that you feel trapped in a situation involving someone else. It's possible that you want to move on but aren't sure of which procedure to use. This issue is making you feel awkward.

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Dreaming of eating a steak means that you should be in control and stay more positive. This dream may be asserting you to be more confident of yourself and go with your own instincts instead of following opinions of others.

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To dream of seeing or eating strawberries represents your erotic thoughts and desires. Strawberries reflect the female aspects especially referring to sex. This dream may also suggest that you are close to achieving your objectives.

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To dream of a sweet potato implies that you or your partner has more intense sexual urges than the other. You should work together in this area so that your bond gratifies both of you.

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To dream of a taco filled with ingredients indicates a sudden new idea far removed from any idea or concept you may have contemplated before.

An empty taco shell indicates that a new idea may be simply hot air and is not worth pursuing.

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To dream of a tamarind is a signal for movement and growth. Eating tamarind is personally alerting you to vary your diet more than what is comfortable. This will enhance your health.

Throwing a tamarind around is an admonishment to be more conscious of and take more interest in your health and diet.

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To dream about tomatoes represents peace and contentment at home.

To dream about eating tomatoes means physical well-being.

Tootsie Roll  No comments yet

To dream that you are eating a tootsie roll means you are enjoying being in a good situation but you are going to have a tough time to stay there. You may have some challenges in order to maintain your current status. To be surrounded by tootsie rolls can indicate a craving for sweets.

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To dream of seeing or eating turnips indicates that you will be able to settle some current problems. It is also symbolic of fortune, success, and sympathy for others.

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To dream of vegetables is an indication that you need to consider your spiritual or religious self. It may be more blunt as you need more nourishing foods in your diets.

To see vegetables that have withered or aged is an indication that you are sad.