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The lemur in a dream represents deception and trickery in your past. The lemur\'s black eyes hide its true intentions from you, carrying a mystery from your past. You may encounter unexpected problems in the future as a result of unresolved issues from an old friend or family member.

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To dream of a leopard in its natural habitat represents your triumph over trials as a result of being persistent. If the leopard is in a cage, it denotes that no matter how difficult a problem is, you always come out undeterred.

To dream that you killed a leopard is symbolic of how successful you are in all your endeavors.

To dream that the leopard is attacking you means that you are overly confident in mapping your victories without much consideration to the time and effort you have put into each project.

To see the skin of a leopard signifies that you have found an unlikely ally.

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To dream of a lioness symbolizes graceful family leadership. The lioness is a strong mother with regal elegance who guides and protects her children.
To dream that you are a lioness indicates you feel a strong connection to family and you may need to strengthen your place as leader in their eyes.

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To dream of a lion symbolizes power, physical strength, and aggressive behavior. This indicates that you are able to control and manage your emotions with ease. Often referred to as the 'King of the Jungle,' lions represent royalty, influence, and dominion over everyone. You must exercise self-control in all aspects of your life.

To dream that you are attacked by a lion means that you have many problems to solve. Defy negative emotions that will cause your downfall.

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A lizard in a dream symbolizes primitive desires which are small. These desires may have a small impact upon your life but exist in the background of your thoughts.

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To dream of a llama indicates unwavering trust, power, and longevity. On the other hand, it may also mean that you are upset and anxious because you have too many problems.

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To dream of a lobster symbolizes power and dedication. In all you do, you always come out victorious.

To dream that you are eating lobster denotes that you will get back on your feet and face the world with confidence.

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To see a lynx in your dream indicates concealment. There seem to be vast information and facts that needs to surface at this point in time. You have to come out in the open with these truths and learn from them.

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To dream of a mackerel fish implies strength and courage. It also indicates the ability to know what you want and to achieve it.

A school of mackerel indicates the possibility of huge success in relation to a creative venture.

A lone female mackerel is a message to take note of one particularly exciting idea at this time.

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To dream of mad dog implies that you should be wary of negative slurs from adversaries. They may try to defame you and your peers.

To dream that you kill a mad dog indicates that you will be able to defeat your enemies and gain wealth and status.

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To dream of a magpie implies that you should consider your words and actions so you do not cause a misunderstanding or argument.

To see a dead magpie in your dream indicates that gossip is causing defamation for someone.

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To dream of swimming with a manatee indicates a warm and gentle personality.

Multiple manatees suggest it may be time for some rest and relaxation, and possibly even a trip to a warmer climate. There is also a suggestion of a little sadness.

To dream of a manatee mother and baby advises you to be loving and soft to yourself at this time.

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To dream of manslaughter represents anxieties regarding some situation or issue in your life. There may also be some sort of rumor or indignity that is affecting you.

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In a dream, the manta ray symbolizes a deep connection to the subconscious. The manta ray lives near the bottom of the ocean, hiding itself in the sand. If a manta ray reveals itself to you in a dream, you are being exposed to a hidden secret within your mind. The manta ray is graceful and effortlessly glides through your subconscious. The manta ray makes an excellent guide to knowing yourself better.

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To dream of a mare or several mares signifies your instinct and perception.

To see a white mare in your dream represents ambition, inventiveness, and intensity.

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To dream of a marmot suggests that someone you trust is attempting to harm your reputation or character. This person is likely a member of the opposite gender.

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To dream of a meadowlark implies that you have a positive perception of your current situation and your environment. You always see the good in a negative situation.

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In a dream a meerkat symbolizes an attentive mind. You should be keeping watch in your life for whatever ideas might pop up. Keep an eye out for opportunity.
To dream that you are a meerkat implies that you are keeping a keen eye over your dream, and that the other symbols you see in that dream have great significance.

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To dream of mice implies that you should concentrate on more important issues.

To see mice feeding or eating indicates that you are being abused emotionally by someone who wants to make you feel unworthy.

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To dream of a mouse indicates panic, low self-esteem, and passivity. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy and inferiority for not being able to measure up to standards. This dream is telling you that it is time to let your voice be heard and your presence acknowledged, instead of hiding in the sidelines. Alternatively, it is also symbolic of small distractions and annoyances you are experiencing. The dream may likewise indicate a computer mouse which links you and the rest of the world.

To dream that you have killed or trapped a mouse suggests that there are persons in your waking life that are literally putting you down,

To dream that someone is eating a mouse means that there is something that you need to get off your chest, which may be guilt or a truth that has to be told.

To dream that a mouse is being chased indicates that you are afraid to make a stand. You are allowing other people to boss you around.