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Seeing a gerbil in your dream represents joy and satisfaction from little things in life.
Alternatively, it may mean that you are seeking for a new relationship or companionship.

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To dream about a German Shepherd indicates your instincts to guard the ones you love. You cannot afford to doubt yourself or give up control.

To dream that you are training a German Shepherd indicates that you are willing to listen to new thoughts and concepts or that you are easily convinced. You could be seeking some assurance from others.

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To see a giraffe in your dream symbolizes the ability to see above all obstacles and deceptions. It is a symbol that is associated with psychic abilities and has the message of being able to look ahead far into the future and see what needs to be done. You may have lofty ideas but you're empathetic, sympathetic, and very understanding for the needs of others.
Alternatively, this dream may be suggesting your lack of seeing the overall picture in waking life whether it be your personal matter or business, try to take a broader view on your life and see where it's heading.
If you're riding a giraffe, it means you want attention or be noticed by others.
To see a giraffe running indicates that you are being too private and not opening up to others.

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Goat has climbing ability and agility along with independence and surefootedness. It shows the importance of supporting others as you move and being flexible in exploring new possibilities. Goat aids to establish foundations in which to stand and will guide in building a stronger foundation if need be.

To dream of goats wandering around a farm denotes an importance of seasonable weather and a fine yield of crops. To see them in other location, it means you need to be cautious when dealing or doing business with others, then a steady increase of wealth will occur.

If a billy goat butts you from behind, be careful not to let your business partners or friends get possession of your secrets or business plans that you may have.

Extra details about the goat in your dream may help you prepare for moves in life and teach you how to seek new heights in spiritual, mental and emotional areas so you can achieve the best future by looking up and forward.

Alternatively, to be riding a black goat in your dream indicates your relationship with the dark side of your nature. It is also the symbol for the astrological sign of Capricorn.

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Golden Retriever is an english breed that is well known for loyal guide and companion of service in entirety of its life. In a dream, it can represent close family and friends, or anything that you love very much and is always there for you through the good, bad and terrible time.

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To see a goldfinch present in your dream usually indicates an awakening to the activities that are normally relegated to the realm of fiction.
Goldfinch can help you deepen your perceptions so that you can begin to see and experience the spiritual side of yourself.

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To dream about a goose represents productivity and a mother's affection. The goose could also indicate that your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

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To dream about a gopher indicates that you are feeling as though someone took advantage of you. This dream could be a play on words, such as 'go for it,' and may indicate that you have ambition to get something done.

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To dream that you see a gorilla indicates that you could be a bit rambunctious. You may be making up for your firm and unyielding demeanor in your waking life. This dream may also indicate your primitive instincts, your outgoing adventurousness, or some sexual energy that needs an outlet.

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To dream about a griffon represents the benefits of transformation. You are endowed with the strength and assurance of a lion, and the sight, spirit, and attentiveness of an eagle. This dream can also indicate wisdom, power, and the sun.

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To dream of a guinea pig implies that you should use more consideration and accept liability for your actions. It also means that you will achieve success and ability through trial and error.

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To dream of gulls symbolizes how you express your practicality and perceptions.

To see soaring gulls in your dream implies that your point of view is apparent and distinct. To see dead gulls in your dream indicates a severed or forgotten relationship.

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To dream that you are in an old hackney carriage or hack indicates a possible journey to a place in your childhood. It may be that an emotional memory from your childhood is coming up for you. A visit to a literal place in your past will heal old wounds and may fill you with new vigor for life.

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Dreaming of a hammerhead shark denotes your fear of an enemy or danger. While fish and dolphins are beneficial and positive images to see in a dream, sharks in general represent all things greedy and cold. Regularly dreaming of a hammerhead shark means that there is someone in your life who may be deceiving you in some way. They are not being completely honest with you.

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To dream of more than one hamster indicates a time of bustling activity, family outings and/or small celebrations. To dream of a hamster running on an exercise wheel implies that you may, quite literally, need to go for a regular walk or run. To dream of a singular hamster may be suggesting that a gift of food or a parcel of groceries could mean a lot to someone you know.

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To dream of a hare indicates that you are going through a change. Alternatively, it may mean that you have difficulties comprehending issues and that you need some clarification on a matter at hand.

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A hawk is known for its unique skill in hunting prey. It is often observed to be roaming in the sky as if preparing for a strategic attack.

To dream of a hawk points to suspicions directed at you. Be more careful in your dealings.

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To dream of a hedgehog indicates vigilance to things that happen to you and around you. This can cause you to be defensive and hurt yourself and others. Sometimes seeing a hedgehog is interpreted as losing one's soul. Make sure you are always in touch with your feelings and open your mind and heart to people.

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To dream of a hen may have various meanings. First, it may indicate
gossip and misfortune in your life, especially if you are fond of bragging about trivial matters.

A hen is also a maternal figure.

Another possible interpretation of a hen is the metaphor 'hen-pecked,' which means being picked on.

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Herons are very delicate yet extremely independent creatures. They embody self-reliance, stability, and careful forethought.

To dream of a heron indicates that you'll be rewarded for your efforts and persistence. They sometimes also refer to one's adventurous side, especially when dealing with the subconscious.