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Bird of Paradise  No comments yet

Dreaming of a bird of paradise plant represents quirkiness with excitement. This quirky excitement may be random and unexpected.
Dreaming of the bird type, bird of paradise, also symbolizes an unusual persona and/or appearance in waking life. You may feel unconventional and out of ordinary, even though you may not have admitted this to yourself yet.

Black Cat  No comments yet

A black cat appearing in your dream represents superstition and speculation. Depending upon your waking opinion of what black cats symbolize, either good luck or a bad omen, your dream cat may be tipping you off about what your subconscious self believes the near future has in store for you: either good or bad luck.
If the black cat is clawing or attacking you in a dream, then it means that you must accept the situation and should carefully go with your own instinct. You can no longer deny it but never forget to always proceed with caution.

Blackbird  No comments yet

To see a blackbird in your dream is a sign of bad luck to come. It can also indicate that you do not feel the drive or determination to complete a task or achieve a goal.
To see a flying blackbird in your dream means that you will experience prosperity or good luck.

Blue Jay  No comments yet

To see a blue jay in your dream implies that you are being conceited and egotistical. It may also be suggesting that you have neglected to address an issue or situation.

Bluebird  No comments yet

To dream about a bluebird is a symbol or contentment as well as distress. It also represents cleansing of thoughts, and solutions to your dilemmas.

Boa Constrictor  No comments yet

Seeing a boa constrictor in a dream represents something closing in on you. For instance, a deadline may be looming or you may keep getting work piled on. You may feel like life is 'tightening' around you and constricting your breathing (a symbol of your life).

Boar  No comments yet

To see a boar in your dream is an indication that you should examine the characteristics and personalities of yourself and others more closely. Think about the play on words 'they are a bore.'

Bobcat  No comments yet

A dream about a bobcat indicates that you must closely observe what happens in everyday life.

Brachiosaurus  No comments yet

Dreaming of a brachiosaurus represents finding a way to reach something you've never been able to achieve in the past. A brachiosaurus appearing in your dream symbolizes someone you know is playing a role as 'gentle giant' in your life. Your subconscious mind may be urging you to befriend this person for your own goods or it is now time to reconsider the way you think of them.

Buck  No comments yet

Dreaming of a male deer or buck symbolizes vulnerability. To pursue the buck signifies overcoming fears and taking steps toward your goals.
Killing the buck indicates malevolence or someone hurting you because of reasons you are unaware of.
To simply observe the buck in a dream means that the buck symbolizes you.
As a vulnerable and gentle creature, it represents feeling of your own weakness. For instance, you'd choose to ignore a problem rather than dealing with it in waking life.

Buffalo  No comments yet

To dream of a buffalo represents the ability to persevere and endure hardship. The dream may be telling you that you are straying away from your intended goals.

To see an injured or killed buffalo suggests that you should be careful not to enter into any endeavors in the near future. You will face failure and disappointment. To see a herd of buffalo in your dream represents serenity and abundance.

Bull  No comments yet

To dream of a bull indicates areas of your personality that are persistent and tenacious. This suggests that you need to stand up and take control. It can also symbolize wealth and great success. Perhaps you need to be more open-minded and accept the views and opinions of others.
Bulls can also represent hidden passion, enthusiasm, strength, and masculinity. To see an untamed raging bull suggests that you may be expressing your sexuality too openly. The bull may also reflect someone you know who was born under the astrological sign of Taurus.

Buzzard  No comments yet

A buzzard in a dream is a symbol of mortality and deterioration. It might also represent an unattractive characteristic of yourself.

Calf  No comments yet

To see a calf in a dream is an indication that you lack experience. You need to mature and develop your talents and skills.

Calves  No comments yet

To see your calves in your dream indicates that you possess great agility and the talent to multitask. You can handle multiple issues at one time. You are also adept at switching from issue to issue.
To dream that you are admiring your own calves represents your involvement with a partner who becomes too reliant on you. He or she may use you for your offering of security, comfort or money

Camel  No comments yet

To dream of a camel implies that you need to use more caution in your life. You tend to take on a multitude of burdens instead of allowing others to help. You need to learn how to communicate your feelings rather than suppressing them. Stop holding grudges. Grant absolution to those who have caused you harm and move on with your life. A camel can also symbolize your ability to tackle challenges and obstacles head on.

Canary  No comments yet

To dream about a canary signifies a sense of balance and symmetry within your own life.

Carcass  No comments yet

To dream of a carcass signifies the complete ending of an era in your life. There is no coming back or retreating from the fact that it is now over. Acceptance is the key to making the most of this ending. Dreaming of a carcass that moves or speaks implies the inability to accept that it is time to move on.

Cat  No comments yet

To dream about a cat represents adversity, deceit, and poor fortune. If you enjoy cats, this dream suggests that within you is a free spirit, feminine sensuality, imagination, and capacity. If the cat is belligerent, you may be having trouble with the feminine part of you. If the cat has no tail, you no longer have sovereignty and self-governance.

To dream that a cat is biting you indicates the consuming female. This could indicate that you are grabbing at things and giving nothing back. You could be showing apprehension, especially if things are not transpiring as foreseen.

To dream of a black cat represents that you are concerned about psychic talents and accepting your inner faith. It's easy to link the black cat to evil, but this is a misnomer. If you see a white cat, this signifies troubling times may lie ahead for you.

To dream that a cat killed an arachnid indicates that your revealing of your feminine aspects is coy and sultry.

Catfish  No comments yet

To dream about a catfish signifies people who may misrepresent themselves. Their true being may be disguised from you.

To dream of catching a catfish represents an embarrassment you will endure due to the subversive plans of foes. You will overcome this because of your innovation, good fortune, and fortitude of the mind.