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To dream about doves suggests solitude, peace, balance, and purity. To see white doves indicates trustworthiness and camaraderie. This could also be a signal from God. You have relinquished the negative emotions within yourself.

To dream about mating doves that are constructing a nest suggests a happy life with family and a sense of peace.

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To dream about a dragon suggests that you allow your desires and emotions get the best of you. You could find yourself in a difficult situation due to this aspect of yourself. Use some common sense and self-control.

In Eastern cultures, dragons are viewed as creatures representing luck and fortune.

To dream that you are a dragon and that you are breathing fire indicates that you are allowing your negative emotions to dictate how you get things done.

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To dream about a dromedary suggests that you may encounter sudden rewards and earnings. You are a thoughtful and generous individual who is always ready to help out others.

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Seeing a duckling within a dream represents a return to your roots. Be careful not to get caught up in your past and forget to live in the present. If the duckling is swimming, it represents your forward movement away from the negative memory from your childhood.

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To dream about ducks suggests either a spiritual liberty, if they are flying, or the subconscious, if they are swimming. Being that ducks can do several things, such as walk, fly, and swim, this could be indicative of your ability to adapt to different circumstances. Also, this dream may be suggesting that you are in danger of being trampled by a colleague or friend, as in 'sitting duck.' You may also be trying to avoid a situation, as in 'ducking' it.

To dream about a white duck indicates a deception or lie.

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To dream about an eagle suggests aristocracy, dignity, honor, elevated status, freedom, and great wisdom. Eagles also suggest rebirth of the self. You will make every effort to reach your dreams.

To dream of a chained eagle suggests that there is some tough circumstance that is causing you to feel as though you are imprisoned. You can't show the person you really are. Look at what is holding the eagle down and this may give you some indication of what could be keeping you back.

To dream of a nest of young eagles represents your climb up a social network.

To dream about killing an eagle suggests that you are merciless. You will allow nothing to keep you from your goals regardless of the consequences. If someone else kills an eagle in your dream then everything you've worked so hard for could be mercilessly ripped away from you.

To dream that you're eating the flesh of an eagle indicates that you have strength and integrity. This will bring you success, prosperity, and impact.

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To dream of an eel suggests that you have difficulty devoting yourself to something or someone. This dream can also suggest that you have trouble keeping things close to you.

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To dream of an egret suggests that you may be someone who enjoys their own company, despite pressure to mix with more people in your waking life. You may achieve more pleasant results by accepting yourself as the loner that you are. Independent thought will serve you well at this time but be open to change when necessary. More than one egret in a dream suggests that it is time for some unusual but timely social interaction. Egrets also suggest a situation in your waking life that calls for balance and is a reminder that you have the power to achieve a fine result as long as you remain calm and centered.

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To dream about an elephant indicates that you might have to practice more patience with those around you. The elephant represents toughness, strength, and wisdom. This creature is reticent and this could be reflecting your own persona.

To dream that you are riding an elephant indicates that you have overcome things that once caused you anxiety.

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To dream about an elk indicates power and perseverance. You should share with acquaintances and choose better foods.

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To dream of a falcon signifies that success you have in business may be creating jealousy in others. Hunting a falcon may indicate that you may be harming other people by being overly aggressive in your business affairs.

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To dream about fangs suggests that you have said something that caused others pain.

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To dream about a ferret represents a lack of faith in others in your life. This dream can also indicate that you may be searching for something.

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To dream that you see fish in clear water streams indicates that you will find approval from the wealthy and the distinguished.

For young women to dream of fish suggests that she will find a charming, good-looking mate. If the fish is swimming, then this could indicate conception. Some women will dream of fish swimming when they become pregnant. The fish is also an old symbol of Christianity.

To dream about eating fish represents your faith, fortune, spirituality, stamina, kindness, and lasting relationships.

To dream about wading into water to catch fish suggests that you will find fortune through your talents and efforts.

To dream about dead fish represents that you may lose money or influence through a difficult circumstance.

To dream about cooking fish suggests that you are combining new beliefs with your faith and wisdom. If you are cleaning fish then you are changing your outward expressions so they will be more satisfying to others. You are purging ill intent and being cautious of how you present your feelings.

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A dream of yourself belonging to a group of flamingos or live among them means that you are feeling very cooperative along with your sense of community.
Seeing a flamingo or a picture of one in your dream means that you are spending too much time on your own appearance and you need to reassess your current level of self involvement.

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To dream about a fox indicates intelligence and ingenuity. You should pay more attention to your instincts and wisdom when dealing with issues. You may need to hide your feelings to protect yourself. This dream may also represent a time when you felt lonely. This is an ideal time to think about your life, such as where you've been, and where you're going.

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To dream about a frog suggests that there is an unexpected opportunity for change. The frog could be a prince in disguise, thus indicating change. This dream may also represent being dirty, productive, or reborn.

To dream about frogs leaping suggests that you have difficulty with commitment. You prefer to move from one event or person, to another. This dream could also indicate that you are working toward a goal and this dream mirrors that progression.

To dream about catching a frog suggests that you don't use much care when it comes to your health.

To dream about the sounds of frogs suggests that you haven't yet reached your ambitions.

To dream about frogs in the grass suggests that you will be rewarded with a calm and enjoyable friend who will offer understanding and good counsel.

For women to dream about a bullfrog suggests a wedding to a rich widower who has children that need to be cared for.

To dream about frogs in low marshy places indicates that you will rise above your challenges with the help and kindness of people around you.

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To dream about a gazelle represents the spirit. It indicates that you should relax a little and let some things just happen. It's time for you to loosen up a bit.

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To dream that you see a gecko indicates a consent or proclamation. If you are having difficulty coming to a conclusion about something, or you have a question that you must answer, then the answer is 'yes.'

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To dream about geese suggests that you are a well-grounded individual at home.