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To wear a laurel in a dream symbolizes leadership and control. You may feel that the time is right to take the reins of an important project or organization. Alternatively to see another person wearing a laurel may represent apprehension about their power over you at work or at home.

Lavender  No comments yet

To dream of lavender symbolizes holiness and spirituality.

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To dream of that you are related or associated with nobility suggests a preference for shows, pleasures, and position rather than intellectual pursuits.

Sapphires  No comments yet

To dream of sapphires symbolizes security, spirituality, and divinity. It also indicates that you have a profound comprehension of your instincts and intuitions. You may be having thoughts or feelings about a person who has a September birthday.

Turquoise  No comments yet

To dream of turquoise signifies wealth and success. It is believed that topaz wards off evil spirits and ill intentions. Also this gem possesses healing energy and acts as a unifying agent between the spirits of earth and air.

As a color, turquoise is symbolic of cleansing and healing. It is often associated with the sun, fire, and the male psyche.

Malachite  No comments yet

To dream of being surrounded by malachite indicates a high level of spiritual protection based on strong heart energy. Finding a piece of malachite or imagining the color green when you are feeling low or in need may be helpful for you.

Holding a small piece of Malachite in a dream may be a reminder to watch that your diet is low in acidic foods like meat and coffee.

Salt Water  No comments yet

To dream of salty water on your tongue may indicate a need to release sadness and the physically shed tears.

To be standing in water suggests that an old emotional wound may be holding you back from possible joy. It also cautions acceptance of the past, especially of things that cannot be changed.

Salad Dressing  No comments yet

To dream of someone handing you a bottle of salad dressing suggests you will be surprised and delighted by a new connection in your life.

To dream of wishing your salad had dressing implies a desire to bring a little zest into your waking life; your life may have become mundane and left you feeling as though you are in a rut.