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To dream of yourself walking mirrors your approach to life. If you are walking slowly and calmly, you are also approaching your dreams in the same manner. How will you ever achieve your desires in this manner?

If you are having difficulty walking, it is an indication that you are holding back. You have a goal, but are unwilling or unsure of how to obtain it.

It may also be an indication that you are avoiding a waking life situation. The obstacles in your life and the boundaries you have created are making it difficult for you to achieve any progress towards your life goals.

A night walk represents a large amount of dissatisfaction with your life. Consider what is making you unhappy and how to change it.

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To dream of listening to a walkman indicates a need for some space to get to know yourself better. You may have to delve into your own past and release some nagging thoughts or memories, but getting to know yourself will be worth it.

To dream of sharing your walkman with another person is a good sign of deepening intimacy as a result of revealing more of your past.

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To dream of a walking stick should be seen as a warning. You are making rash decisions in your waking life and over-committing yourself.

If you are using a walking to stick to move, you may want to consider how much you rely on those around you for advice. Are you taking advantage of a friendship?

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To dream of a walkie-talkie implies a desire for a more natural connection with another person. There is a suggestion that you may have been relying on childish patterns to resolve conflicts, thus leaving you as a veritably unsatisfied adult. Make careful note of who is on the other walkie-talkie for clues about relationships. Use a more mature approach to resolving current arguments.

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To dream of steps is a symbol of the methods and systems that you are using in order to obtain your objectives or prosperity. This dream may be suggesting that you should slow down and try not to handle too many responsibilities at once. Perhaps you should be risky and venture down the road that leads to your objectives.

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To dream that you are walking up a stairway implies that you are advancing towards enlightenment and comprehension. Your hidden emotions are being revealed

To dream that you are walking down a stairway suggests that there are still thoughts and emotions that you have yet to express. It also reflects hardships and obstacles you may be facing in the future.

If you are afraid of going down the stairs, then it implies that you are reluctant to acknowledge these problems. Perhaps something that occurred years ago wants to be dealt with.

To see spiral or winding stairs implies a new beginning and development.

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Hiking is very difficult, as it requires endurance, persistence and perseverance. To dream that you're hiking signifies the progress you have made in your life. It means you are focused on your goal.

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