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To dream of the color blue symbolizes honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. You may be wanting to escape from the pressures of life. You have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe that you will experience only good in your future.
Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue can also reflect a mood of anguish and despair.

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To see a blue jay in your dream implies that you are being conceited and egotistical. It may also be suggesting that you have neglected to address an issue or situation.

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To dream about a bluebird is a symbol or contentment as well as distress. It also represents cleansing of thoughts, and solutions to your dilemmas.

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To see a blueprint in your dream suggests that there is an urgent need to over-analyze a situation or issue. You may be experiencing a personal transformation. You are trying to be more open-minded and accepting of other opinions.

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Bluebells in a dream portend growth and beauty. Your subconscious mind will show you bluebells when concerned about getting older and growing spiritually along with being beautiful, finding natural beauty, or staying beautiful as you age. Noticing a prominent bell shape foretells someone will bring you news or you may just have received communication of some sort with more to follow.

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To dream of blueberries indicates that you wish to revert back to the innocence of your childhood. It represents hope and positive influences. It could also reflect your current mood of anguish and sorrow.

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To dream that you are sad implies that in order to once again experience true bliss, you must discontinue all negative thoughts. Battling suffering and distress will allow you to achieve joy.

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To dream of looking up at the clear blue sky implies that your life is full of serenity, and you are open and able to speak your mind. If the sky is cloudy and overcast, then it indicates that you will soon be faced with hardship and anguish.

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*Please See Police.

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To dream of moving downwards directly suggests that you may be doing so in life as well, whether with a poor decision or towards the wrong goal. 'Going down,' as in oral sex, may indicate that the dream has a sexual meaning.

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You dream of the big test and something terrible happens - you've forgotten your calculator, you can't find a pencil, or your mind is blank. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Dreams of tests and exams are very common because our lives are full of tests in many forms. When we are young and still in school, tests are still the greatest measure of your success.

Dreams of a test which occur leading up to an actual test in school refer to our anxieties about performance. You study and study but until the test is actually over, you won't know if it was a success or your studies had paid off. This kind of absolutist thought leads to great insecurity. It would be better to relax and reflect upon previous success and remember that a single test is not the same as an accumulation of success over a lifetime. Everyone makes mistakes at some point of time.
When there is not a true test coming up in your waking life but you are having test anxiety dreams, this may occur because you are associating stress in your daily life with the same feeling of stress that you had as a child in school. It is likely that you are feeling judged at work or at home. Perhaps this judgement is actually coming from within yourself.
Many test dreams focus on time. You might arrive too late to the exam, or suddenly run out of time, or are caught staring at the clock and time just flies by. This symbolizes our fear of time, and particularly an anxiety that we can never have enough time to prepare completely for life. Life is a process, and there are thousands of hours that could be put into studying various subjects or activities. We can never become experts in everything and we all have an inner fear that we will not accomplish everything we would like before we die. It is important to remember that we are all in the same boat, and that other people actually understand this as well.
Sometimes we have the highest ambitions for ourselves, and much higher expectations for ourselves than others. Most people who have test dreams are actually driven by a strong desire to succeed, and it is unlikely that you will not meet that success.

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A dream about jazz music represents a yearning for "the good ole days," especially if you're not a jazz music lover.
Alternatively, jazz music within a dream symbolizes a wish for more spontaneity, creativity and improvement in your life.

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To dream of new blue jeans implies a well-earned reward and rest may be impending.

To dream of squeezing into jeans suggests an uncomfortable encounter with a casual acquaintance. Depending on the emotion/focus within the dream, it could possibly indicate body image issues that need to be addressed.

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To dream of denim shows a secret desire to throw off your shackles and go 'anti-establishment' for a while. It may be time in your life to question the programming, value systems and beliefs that until now you have always felt sure of. Find out what you truly believe, as a dream of denim shows great support from your unconscious.

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To dream of the color indigo indicates your tendency to betray your friends for personal gain.

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To dream of a sailor or sailors indicates that a message from overseas may be on its way to you.

Dreaming of yourself as a sailor implies a readiness to explore emotions that you have been avoiding for some reason; courage may be filling you with readiness for adventure.