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To dream of the police is a forewarning to avoid unacceptable behavior.
A dream involving a police officer symbolizes the establishment and its rules and regulations. It may also mean a failure on your part to fulfill and honor your responsibilities and promises.
To dream that you are arrested by the police suggests guilty feelings about your repressed emotions or sexuality.
To dream you are a police officer indicates your moral compass. Your dream may be directing you to a righteous path. If you have recurring dreams of being a police officer, it may mean a guilty past. Your dream calls for you to look at your acts and wrongdoings from police perspective.
To dream that you are having difficulties in contacting the police suggests ineffectual authority. Take command of a given situation and be in control of the circumstances in your life.
To dream of being pulled over by police suggests taking time off from your busy schedule and refraining from stressful activities.
To see or dream that you are chasing a felon suggests a moral dilemma which you need to resolve.

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*Please See Police.

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To dream of a gun represents hostility, wrath, and possible hazards. Perhaps you are having difficulties expressing your positive and negative emotions. A gun can also be a symbol of male genitalia and masculine intensity. Therefore, it can represent intensity or incapacity.

To dream that you are loading a gun suggests that you should use caution when expressing your anger or hostility. Don't allow these emotions to go unchecked.

To dream that you shoot someone with a gun implies that you harbor hostility for someone.

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun denotes a difficult issue that you are facing. An issue may be making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

*Refer to Pistol or Shot.

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To dream of a wagon indicates trouble in your near future. Consider carefully the road you have chosen and careful consider your options. The wagon may further symbolize your ability to preserve your resources and use them in carefully planned endeavors.

If your life is filled with unhappiness or if you have recently suffered the loss of a friend or cherished possession, you are likely to dream of an empty wagon.

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Twirling a baton in your dream indicates a busy time in which your subconscious mind is expressing that you are "juggling" a lot right now, constantly moving and working.
Dreaming of a police baton symbolizes a threat, persecution, or hostile power in your waking life.

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To dream of hearing sirens signifies a situation or problem that is giving you much stress. The sirens may serve to get your attention and focus on the problem at hand.

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To dream of copper symbolizes the ability to renew, revitalize, and regenerate the physical and emotional self. It also represents imagination, invention, and innovations.

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Dreaming of a body bag means you are likely feeling helpless or disconnected from your life. You may feel as though you are observing your life from above.
Alternatively, a body bag in your dream symbolizes sadness and grief being zipped and carried away, a symbol of you moving forward with your life. Finally, a body bag could also suggest as your subconscious preparing for death in some way if you're terminally ill or of an elderly person.

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To dream of holding or using a taser gun symbolizes a desire to 'freeze' time or control a situation in an innocent but desperate way.

If you had a dream about taser gun being used against you, it symbolizes feeling of being 'stuck' or a fear that you may be getting 'stuck' in a situation. Something may be holding you back or it could be someone holding you back by intimidation. Your mind is telling you that someone or something is creating a 'hold up' or 'stick up' situation in your waking life.

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A dream about seeing a glow stick represents both a guiding light in the dark and a sense of fun that can only be experienced at night. It could represent an exciting secret or an enjoyable activity that is only available to be experienced in a very strict and limited time frame.

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Wearing a bulletproof vest in a dream is a sign of being vulnerable in your waking life. You feel like people are 'taking shots at you' and you are taking action accordingly in your dream. Though the threat of bullets may be figurative, you are being emotionally wounded by others in your waking life and your subconscious is trying to tell you to take protective action.