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To dream of being in a crash or something crashing around you implies that you have finally been able to overcome an obstacle or hardship. It may also symbolize anxieties you have regarding becoming the victim of an accident.

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To dream of an empty jar symbolizes poverty and tribulations.

To see a full jar signifies triumph and success.

To see a broken jar in your dream means sickness and misfortune.

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To dream that you are dropping things suggests that you are relieving yourself of some job, companionship, individual, or notion. You should pay attention to what it is that you are dropping. Also, this dream could indicate your recklessness. You may be wishing you didn't let something get away from you.

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To dream that you receive a shock symbolizes your abrupt comprehension of a situation.

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To dream of a wreck symbolizes barriers and obstacles that stand between you and your goals. You may feel that you are not making any progress and are being held back. Consider what obstacles are present in your waking life.

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A dream about a moving train signifies the current journey you are on. If you feel scared or have motion sickness while in the train, it indicates that you are sorry about something, and that you have some obstacles you need to overcome soon.
To see yourself on top of a stationary train car, it means that you will make a journey with an unpleasant companion, with whom you will end up over spending and waste excessively thus hurting you financially.
If you see railroads without a train in your dream, it means that you will gain direction and happiness in an endeavor you have recently decided upon.
On the other hand, to be on a train moving smoothly along without a track, it indicates that you will be worried over an affair which could eventually benefit you later for a better life.
Seeing a freight train in your dream, it is an omen of changes which will lead to your elevation.

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Dreaming about an air bag symbolizes the presence of protection and safety at the moment in your waking life.
Alternatively, if you dream about seeing the airbag deploy in a vehicle, it is a sign of warning that you're about to get hit with a major setback if you continue the current pace in your life.

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To ride in a vehicle in a dream represents your life's speed and direction. Refer to particular vehicles for more detail.
The driver of a vehicle in a dream represents the person, or the aspect of yourself, or a part of your life, which is in control of your life's path. For example, to dream that your boss is driving you around indicates that your work has become the main factor in your life decisions.
To dream of falling from a vehicle indicates that you feel out of control.
To dream of crashing a vehicle represents a self-destructive action.

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To see an airplane in your dream signifies your ability to solve problems, conquer hardships, and elevate yourself to a higher position of importance.

To dream that you transfer planes represents a significant change that is happening to you or will happen in the future. This alteration will lead you towards different objectives and goals than you were previously aiming for. You will receive respect and importance.

To dream that a plane crashes indicates that you need to reassess your strategies in order to achieve your objectives. Your current methods are not proving successful. Your targets are unrealistic and unattainable. In addition, the crashing airplane may reflect doubt that you will be able to reach your ambitions. You are hesitant and unsure of your ability to achieve success.

To dream that an airplane is hijacked indicates that bothersome emotions still linger from your childhood, youth, or earlier years.

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*Please See Applause.

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To dream that you collapse implies that you are setting too high standards and expectations for yourself. You need to reevaluate your objectives to make sure that they are still valid. Perhaps you have lost confidence in your choices, opinions, and beliefs. .