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To dream of a line symbolizes duality and flexibility. It may refer to changes or status quo. A line is also indicative of your personal limits and boundaries. Hence, to dream that you are crossing a line suggests that you are testing your limits, stretching yourself outside your comfort zone, or simply doing things that you would not normally do.

To see a line of people or objects denotes that you need to be keen about your surroundings and observant of people.

To dream that you are standing in line signifies your need to be more patient and tolerant. You should learn to wait on something without losing your composure.

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To dream of linens suggests a need for you to take things slow and imbibe the beauty and value of what you have. You should also appreciate people who truly matter to you.

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To dream that you are looking for a job suggests that you are unhappy and frustrated with what is currently happening in your life.

To dream about your current job means that you are content and highly satisfied with how things are going in your life. This may also mean urgency in finishing a task or project.

To dream that you lost your job denotes fear, uncertainty, and great anxiety in your waking life.

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To dream of dexterously swinging a lasso suggests satisfaction in love and happiness in family relations.

To lasso an animal in your dream indicates that you will succeed in winning the heart of your true love. Your affection for your beloved will be reciprocated.

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To dream of ropes symbolizes relationships and bonds that ties family or groups together.

To dream that you are walking a tight rope suggests a risky venture that may nonetheless bring a fruitful outcome.

To climb a rope indicates persistence to succeed in your climb to the top. On the other hand, a dream about going down a rope indicates a waning fortune or expectation of a business disappointment.

To dream of being bound by ropes suggests you are going to follow your emotions rather than being rational.

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To dream that you are tracking something or someone means that you need to be in sync with yourself. There is a need to connect with your own emotions. Also, the dream may mean something or someone you have lost track of.

To dream that you are being tracked signifies the need to always look after yourself and be firm on what you hold dear to you. Be always on the lookout for individuals who seek to discredit you.

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To dream that you are trading indicates a lack of differentiation and edge in business.

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To dream of yourself yodeling is a symbol of calling out to your spiritual guides and/or to forgotten aspects of the self. Living a life of uncertainty and worry about the future happens when we are not fully integrating our gifts and strengths. A yodeling dream is a reminder to take steps to integrate.

To witness another person yodeling in a dream is a reminder to be aware of ways in which you can aid someone else in finding their talent or strength.

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To dream that your family is happy and content represents balance and peace. If they are sad, this warns of upsetting news coming your way.

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To dream of hearing a racket symbolizes frustrations over unmet expectations from a supposedly pleasurable experience.

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To dream that you are rowing indicates the hardship and difficulty you are likely to experience as you journey through life. Your dream may be imparting that you had been executing your tasks the hard way. It may also mean new emotional experience and spiritual renewal.

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To dream of a ticket may indicate that the dreamer is about to embark on a new enterprise. Your buying of the ticket signifies your committing to following a dream or working toward a goal.

Should your dream involve the losing of a ticket, it may be that something that seemed certain or constant in your life has suddenly changed. You may need to reassess your life and the direction in which you would like to progress.