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To dream about God represents your spirituality and the way you feel about religious faith. God can also represent a symbol of perfection - something that cannot be attained, achieved, or touched. This type of dream may indicate your difficulties and efforts to be perfect.

To dream that you are worshiping God represents remorse for things you have done, and mistakes you have made.

To dream that God speaks to you indicates that you are feeling guilty about something. This dream also represents punishment and damnation.

To dream that you are a god represents the unknown innate abilities you have. This dream could also represent that you believe you are better than others around you.

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To dream that you are in a cult symbolizes your association in a harmful and/or controlling relationship. Perhaps you are just being used by your partner. On a more positive note, you have the yearning to make every effort towards improving yourself. It implies commitment and sense of community.

To see a cult in your dream indicates that you have yet to rise to a level of spiritual freedom.
To dream that you are a leader of a cult represents your dictatorial approach. You are easily irked by people who questions and contradicts your motives or decisions.

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To dream of love symbolizes strong emotions brought by a current relationship in your waking life. It suggests joy and satisfaction with your present state in life. This may also connote the opposite, particularly a yearning to get into a romantic relationship and experience the bliss of being loved unconditionally.

To dream of a couple in love suggests that success is within reach.

To dream that your friend is in love with you indicates that you are romantically interested in your friend. You might have fallen in love with your best friend and cannot take your mind off the possibilities of taking your platonic relationship to a different level. Alternatively, the dream may also imply that you have come to recognize certain traits of your best friend and integrated them into your own character.

To dream that you are making love in public indicates a gush of sexual urges and desires. This might be a call to let go of certain inhibitions in expressing how you truly feel. Then again, your dream may be a reflection of how you see your own sexuality as it relates to political and social standards. You may be confused with your notion of relationships, sex, marriage, love, and gender differences/roles.

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To dream about a temple symbolizes your metaphysical nature. It also represents how you care for your corporeal being.

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To dream that you are admired means that while you will advance further than those with whom you associate, they will not hold it against you.

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To dream of the outside of a church represents your morals and ethics that you deem to be revered and blessed. It implies that you are seeking inner peace and spirituality.

To dream that you are in a church indicates your need for encouragement and direction. You are looking for someone to help you transition into a happier place. It is possible that you have strayed from your intended path as a result of moral wrongs or deceptions that you have committed. It may also imply that you are doubting choices you have made in life. Perhaps you should approach your goals in an alternative method.

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To dream of vanity or being offended by another person's vanity implies that you are about to become aware of your own mortality. This may be in the form of a close call or a simple realization and acceptance of the aging process.

To dream of your own vanity implies that you may need to spend some time releasing your self-judgment so as to enjoy the details of your life more.

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To see the Garuda flying high in your dream means your current state of freedom and you're reaching for higher consciousness in life.
If you're in any way related to Hinduism, it indicates your strong connection to the spiritual world.

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To dream of hunting for adulation means that you may receive an unwarranted promotion.

To dream of proffering adulation to others means you are having trouble letting go of something financially important to you.

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*Please see Church.

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