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To dream of water can have many different meanings. On the surface, it represents your emotions. However, water can also be symbolic of your life force, chi, and psyche. Other meanings include a search for knowledge, spirituality, or comfort. You may need of relief from hunger or thirst.

Furthermore, a dream of entering water symbolizes the new beginning. Being immersed in water is a return to the mother womb which may suggest pregnancy or birth of a child. Flowing water signifies tranquility and relaxation, while the rushing water indicates passion or strong emotion. Dream of a deep water suggests a subconscious part of you which may be out of reach in waking life, and shallow water represents a lack of spirit and vigor. To be on the water, such as in a yacht, can represent uncertainty or a lack of emotional commitment. Going down into water in a dream suggests a necessity for restoration of one's energy in order to return to the starting point. Conversely, coming up out of the water suggests a fresh new beginning.

Boiling water indicates that you are currently not in complete control of your emotions. Some previously repressed emotions may soon surface; be sure you are prepared to deal with them.

Cool, clear, calm water is an indication that your spirituality brings you great peace. You have come to a place of acceptance about your spirituality and self. Conversely, muddy water is an indication that it is time to clear your head. Get rid of excess baggage like negative thoughts and emotions. If you don't, you will not be able to find the peace. Muddy water may also be meant to show you that your thought process is clouded and unclear. You are not making the best decisions right now. If you are in the dirty water, there is a situation in your waking life that is simply too much for you to handle. You need to admit you are in over your head so simply ask for help.

To dream that water is flooding up and over your home is an indication that you cannot find peace with your emotions. You are afraid to face your inner feelings and will continue to struggle until you do so.

A dream in which you walk on water is an indication of your inner control over emotions. This is not always a good thing. You may feel the need to always be in control and as a result, may rarely let your true emotions show. Conversely, it may indicate a strong belief in oneself.

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To dream of a waterbed is an indication that you have begun to accept some aspect of your inner self that you have previously struggled with. Generally, this aspect is emotional, although it can represent repressed sexual desires or aggression. Consider what aspects of yourself you are questioning.

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To dream of a waterfall is a symbol of release. Whatever you have been holding in during your waking life will soon be released. The waterfall is a physical representation of your life's desires and goals. Clear, cool waterfalls indicate a new lease on life.

If you dream of a waterfall cascading over you, consider your emotional state. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you been holding back your feelings? Face your feelings and your emotions as a step towards finding peace.

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To dream of a watermill is a reminder that you always have options. By carefully considering a particular problem from each angle, you may find a new solution. The watermill may also serve as a reminder that slow and steady progress towards your goals is the best course of action.

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To spray someone with a water gun in a dream represents your need to express your emotions toward that person. Your true feelings might be misinterpreted as your anger or love is simply creating an annoyance in the other person.

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The water lily is an ominous symbol. There will be a death in your life. Much sorrow and sadness will soon be yours.

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To dream of a watermelon symbolizes your inner passion. You attack life with a furious passion. You love greatly, desire deeply, and lust for life of things around you. Pregnant or menstruating women often dream of the watermelon, or other such large fruits. Alternatively, the watermelon is a symbol for fun summer times. You are relaxed and at ease.

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To dream that a waterslide has swept you away may indicate that you have allowed your emotions to get the best of you and are emotionally overwhelmed. It may also be an indication that you are getting in touch with your inner self. Conversely, it is an indication that you are not questioning your actions or putting proper thought into them. You are acting without forethought.

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To dream of salty water on your tongue may indicate a need to release sadness and the physically shed tears.

To be standing in water suggests that an old emotional wound may be holding you back from possible joy. It also cautions acceptance of the past, especially of things that cannot be changed.

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To be hit with a water hose in a dream symbolizes a surprise situation. Consider the phrase "getting hosed" where you have been overwhelmed or exhausted by a bad situation.
Alternatively, a water hose in a dream may symbolize sex or the male sex organ.

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A water park in a dream represents emotional intensity. For many, a trip to a water park represents great joy and a connection to childhood.
Alternatively, the rapid and twisted flow of water may symbolize inner turmoil and confusion.