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Water Skiing  No comments yet

To dream of water skiing is a suggestion to learn how to trust yourself. The freedom that one feels while water skiing is something you are just beginning to experience in your waking life. You may have recently found peace in your spirituality.

Water Cooler  No comments yet

To visit the water cooler in a dream represents a break from your work.
To dream that you are watching a conversation at a water cooler indicates that you are worried what other people think about you.

Water Carrier  No comments yet

The water carrier is a symbol of great bounty. A large fortune or true love is in your future. If you are carrying the water, you will soon rise above your station. Great reward will soon be yours.

Water Balloon  No comments yet

A water balloon in a dream represents built up potential.
To hit someone with a water balloon in a dream represent unleashed emotion. To be hit by a water balloon in a dream indicates that others may be holding back their true feelings toward you.

Bottled Water  No comments yet

Drinking bottled water in a dream indicates purity and cleansing. If you drank bottled water after an argument or other stressful situation in a dream, it symbolizes cleansing of your body and mind of the negativity associated with the situation you're facing.

Water Fountain  No comments yet

To drink from a water fountain in a dream symbolizes emotional nourishment. Alternatively, a visit to a water fountain may represent a much needed break from daily stress.