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To dream that you are sitting implies that you are unsure of which direction to take or which path to follow in your life. It may also indicate that you want to relax and not partake in any strenuous activity.

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To dream of looking down at your lap is indicating a moment of respite in a busy schedule.

To look at your hands resting in your lap is also implying a restful moment.

To dream of sitting on someone's lap suggests the need for support at this time and reminds you that it is okay to ask for help.

To have another person sit on your lap implies extra energy and a reminder that to give comfort is often a comfort in itself.

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To dream of a major demonstration involving placards and police is your unconscious making it very clear that you may be involved in a situation that will not serve your highest good.

To dream of a small demonstration of a kitchen implement or sporting skill indicates that you will find yourself becoming interested in an unusual hobby that could give you hours of joy.

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