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To dream of rats symbolizes the presence of extremely disagreeable or distasteful thoughts.

Alternatively, it signifies feelings of uncertainty, guilt, envy, or other repressed emotions that are eating at you. It may also stand for someone who personifies the characteristics of a 'rat.'

A black rat represents secrecy and deceptive acts.

A white rate is an omen that you will receive help from am unexpected source in your time of trouble and distress.

To dream that a rat is biting your feet portrays your daily life as a 'rat race.' You have a preoccupation with your ever busy waking life.

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To dream of a baby playing with a rattle symbolizes peace and quiet in the family.

To dream you give a rattle to a baby augurs of an investment gone bad.

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To dream of a ration represents a desire for fairness and diplomacy in a time of stress.

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