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To dream of a pool of water represents finding pleasure and happiness with your love life. It means you will have a hectic social schedule.

Playing or shooting pool denotes your competitive spirit. You may need to learn how to be graceful in defeat and magnanimous in victory. On the other hand, dreaming of a pool may likewise point to the necessity of focusing harder on a difficulty you are experiencing in real life.

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To dream of a pool table signifies your need to be more cooperative. You have to learn how to work in harmony with others.

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To dream of tanning, trying to tan, or wishing you were more tan, implies an issue with personal security. On a physical level you may feel as though you just aren't adequate. You need to be on a constant search for ways to enhance yourself. Do not forget that the essence of who you are is the only thing worth putting investing your energy.

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To dream of a puddle indicates you are feeling belittled and/or ignored by people around you. If not appropriately addressed, such feelings and thoughts may turn ugly and suddenly manifest in aggressive behavior.

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To dream of a cabana suggests a need for distance from a situation in your waking life. To dream of a cabana by the sea implies that you may be responding emotionally in a situation that requires rational thought. A cabana denotes the need to calm down and approach a situation in your waking life from a place of deeper acceptance. Dreaming of joyful activity in and around a cabana may be indicating the importance of some alone time before undertaking a task away from home.

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To dream of hitting the jackpot is an indication of a wonderful idea burgeoning within your unconscious mind. To dream of lights flashing and coins flowing onto the floor suggests that you have all the ingredients necessary to create an abundant and enjoyable life. To dream of a casino or gambling hall filled with the sound of other people's jackpots going off implies an underlying fear of lack even though your life may be rich with abundance.

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To dream that you are swimming implies that you are entering a period of self-discovery and personal growth. Perhaps you need assistance with matters pertaining to your feelings. This is a normal dream for people who are seeking professional emotional healing.

To dream that you are swimming underwater indicates that you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. Perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard to confront these issues.

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To dream about playing billiards shows how much you love to compete. At the same time, you need to exhibit more decorum, whether winning or losing. It can also mean that you must work harder on resolving some dilemma.

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To dream that you are a lifeguard indicates that you are extremely careful about the emotional aspect of your waking life. This means that you are looking for someone to guide and support you while you discover your unconscious.

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To spray someone with a water gun in a dream represents your need to express your emotions toward that person. Your true feelings might be misinterpreted as your anger or love is simply creating an annoyance in the other person.

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To dream of an eight-ball suggests a fear of being left behind or a sense of deep inadequacy. An eight-ball indicates a feeling of inferiority and reminds you to seek out and enhance your strong qualities. This will allow you to contribute to a current situation in your waking life.

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A dream about floating in an inner tube indicates that you feel you are on a path controlled by your emotions.
To dream of going with the flow in an inner tube indicates that you are comfortable following your emotions.