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To dream of columns represents intensity and strenuous effort. Perhaps you are being overwhelmed with issues or situations in your life. You may constantly be exhausting yourself by assisting others rather than using your efforts to help yourself.

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To dream that someone or something is in pursuit of you symbolizes your stance of running away from truths presented from other people.

To dream that you are in pursuit of someone or something suggests that you are chasing after authority and full control, which has eluded you thus far. You need to reassess your strengths and focus your attention on more worthwhile causes.

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To dream of a horizon indicates the limitless potential of your life. It connotes the miracle in sunset, sunrise, birth, and death.

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To dream of that you notice or wear a negligee hints of seduction. This may also imply that others can observe your character and intentions.

To dream of a negligee may also be treated as a symbolism of carelessness in some circumstances.

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To dream of regular and balanced shapes like a hexagram often symbolizes balance, stability, and harmony. This applies to relationships between opposites - male and female, mind and heart, spiritual and physical.

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Parallel lines in a dream symbolize the path of time. These two lines represent alternative lines of thought which will never coincide. You may be having trouble getting friends to agree, or making a difficult choice between two similar directions.

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To dream about using a fax machine suggests that your subconscious is sending you pieces of information. These communications will prove to be genuine.

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To dream about being on a battlefield represents a serious struggle you are engaged in.
It is the symbolic equivalent to people taking shots at you in your waking life. You are concerned, feel vulnerable or are currently being bombarded by issues, pain or hardship. You feel that you are out in the open and vulnerable to attack or conflict. At this time, your waking life is inhabited by someone or something that can hurt you. It is one from which you must emerge victorious.
Observing a battlefield from above in a dream symbolizes your inability to intervene effectively in a situation. In other words, you want to help or have been trying to help someone but it is something that is out of your hand or you're not contributing anything meaningful.

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To dream that your palm is being read signifies your objectives and aspirations. It provides a picture of how you want your life to be and which path you want to take.

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To dream that you are in a waiting room suggests that you are in limbo for a particular subject in your waking life. Timing is very important, and there is the likelihood that you are wishing to have access to information that you may not be ready for. Patience is the key here; practice it for pleasing results.