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To dream of walking on ice implies a tenuous situation in your waking life. It is possible that you are feeling insecure about one particular person and it is putting a strain on your relationship. To dream of standing on ice in bare feet suggests 'cold feet' and a wish to pull out of an activity you have recently agreed to participate in. A dream of ice may be a reminder to honor your own truth, follow your heart and speak your mind.

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To dream of an iceberg refers to your underutilization of talents, strengths, and abilities.

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To dream of seeing an ice pick indicates suppressed cold feelings and the desire to change the coldness.

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To dream of an ice cube melting suggests a time limit on a current situation that you may be feeling pressure to complete. A lone ice cube may suggest that you are not as interested in an idea as you once were but that you may feel shy in expressing your feeling in fear of upsetting another. Many ice cubes rattling around speaks of an irritating person trying to get your attention, keep your cool as they are likely to fade away fairly rapidly.

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To dream of ice cream often points to feelings of happiness, satisfaction, good luck, and love.
To dream of a bad-tasting, tasteless, or sour ice cream reflects sorrow, betrayal, and loss of faith in things.

To dream of melting ice cream reflects failure in realizing one's hopes and desires.

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