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The mind or the head is the maestro that controls one's thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

To dream about your head refers to your notion that human beings are the masters of the universe. This can include your perception about the world, yourself, your accomplishments, dreams and identity.

If you dream that someone is trying to rip off your head, it signifies that you're not thinking straight or seeing things as they really are. This may be due to lack of knowledge or denial. Face your fears because avoidance is only a pain killer, and the pain will eventually be back.

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To dream of a headache simply refers to lack of direction or irrationality. Understand what your mind is trying to tell you through your dream and do not be blinded by your emotions.

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To dream of a headband represents a feeling of composure and control. To dream of a headband which is too tight indicates that you are feeling too much pressure to conform to rules of behavior or dress.

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A headline in a dream is an important message. The headline may be an issue in your life which has not been given due attention.
To dream of making the headlines indicates that you yearn to be noticed and recognized for your achievements.

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To dream about a headstone indicates that you need to unearth something that has been lost, hidden, or forgotten a long time ago. The message written on a headstone often carries an important meaning because it expresses one's whole life in a couple of words. Pay attention to the headstone message for it may tell you things you need to know or acknowledge about yourself.

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A headdress in a dream symbolizes inner wisdom. A woman wearing a headdress in a dream may have great powers of intuition or strong spiritual energy.
To dream of an unraveling headdress indicates a loss of ancient knowledge or a disconnection from tradition.

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Headphones symbolize privacy since no one but you know what you're listening to at that moment.

To dream that you are wearing headphones reflects the same thing. Sometimes, it also points to being in harmony with one's intuition. It also indicates sufficiency and acceptance.

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Headlights in a dream indicate an approaching problem. You may see warning signs in your daily life which have caused you to fear an impending conflict.
To be caught in the headlights in a dream means that you are feeling vulnerable to a problem which appears unstoppable. This may also indicate a fear of being under the spotlight such as an upcoming speech or an important exam.

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A bobble head appearing in a dream is generally a mocking symbol. If the bobble head resembles you and it belongs to someone else, you feel that this person or a group of people either doesn't take you seriously or is making fun of you.
If you have a bobble head of someone else, consider the way you treat them in waking life. Your subconscious may be pointing out that you frequently or maybe unknowingly make this person feel bad.

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Hats have many symbols for different occasions. For instance, we often think of a detective as a man with dark shades and a hat to hide his identity.

Similarly, to dream of a hat refers to hiding something.

To dream of hats reflects different roles you play in life. Wearing a top hat in a dream refers to wealth, elegance and formality.

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To dream of a lei symbolizes an open heart and an open door. You are welcoming of new people and new changes in your life. It may be time to try a new hobby, to take a vacation, or make a new friend. A lei may also symbolize a general feeling of optimism.

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To dream of the pope symbolizes your spirituality, inspiration, moral values and religious beliefs.

On the other hand, it may mean being dogmatic, self-righteous, and maintaining a holier-than-thou attitude.

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To dream about becoming bald is indicative of inadequate personal confidence as well as concerns about aging. Being bald also signifies integrity, demureness and selflessness. It means that you have no fear of displaying your true character.

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To see your boss in your dream may symbolize the controlling part of your character. Your boss may reflect your own aggressiveness and dominance. This dream is suggesting that you may have problems handling the influences that a person in a superior position holds over you. It may also imply that you are too immersed in your career and you need to focus more on your home life. Dreaming about your boss can also represent your feelings of constraint and inability to express your individuality.

To dream that you are afraid of your boss represents your apprehension and anxiety regarding those in power. You are not in control of your own destiny and you feel unable to change the course of your life.
Perhaps this dream is mirroring the association that you have with your boss. This may suggest certain conflicts or matters that must be addressed in your place of employment.

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To dream of your own neck indicates a communication issue. You may be feeling vulnerable and possibly unable to communicate your true feelings.

To dream of an aching neck may be a sign that you need to find the courage to speak clearly and be heard.

To dream of another person's neck may suggest that information may come from a completely unexpected place - possibly the 'mouths of babes.'

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A sari in a dream symbolizes elegance and tradition.
To wear a sari in a dream may represent a readiness to settle down, or to begin upon a spiritual journey.

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To dream of a scarf indicates that you are suppressing your feelings and emotions. You may feel as if you are being prevented of speaking your mind.

To dream that you are wearing a scarf symbolizes that either you are following your heart rather than using logic, or you are depending too heavily on reason instead of being guided by your emotions.

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To dream of a screw implies that you feel insecure with your performance or used by somebody for his/her benefit. It may also signify that you are forgetting about some important and necessary aspect. Then again, it may represent the act of sex.

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To dream of a skull indicates that you may be facing a perilous situation, an immoral issue, or unfortunate demise of someone you know. It can also symbolize emotional mysteries. Perhaps you are concealing something from others.