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To dream that you are in charge of a zoo implies that you may be feeling out of control of your charges in waking life. Whether it is in the workplace or home, you may feel as though you need a tight rein on your children or employees as they are behaving restlessly and possibly recklessly.

Time out for everyone, especially yourself, is advised when finding yourself dreaming of zoos and zoo keepers.

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A dream about Godfather represents a divinely appointed guardian of authority over you in the case that mom and dad are not sufficiently able to perform their duty and obligation to you. When your internal guidance is inefficient to gauge a situation, the symbolic Godfather is a supplementary and even replacement guide.

Goldenrod  No comments yet

To see a goldenrod in your dream represents false accusations, misunderstandings and persecutions.

Screwdriver  No comments yet

To dream of a screwdriver signifies your desire to repair a damaged situation or relationship. It may also represent a person in your life who needs your help to deal with certain issues.

Advancement  No comments yet

To dream that you are moving forward in a circumstance, you could have a fast ascent to triumph. Romantic affairs could also be in your interest.

If others are moving ahead of you, your friends will have better opportunities.

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To dream that you are decapitated suggests that you are not considering things in an appropriate or enlightened manner. You should deal with a circumstance or individual in spite of the hurt that this may cause. This dream is also indicates that you may act without thinking.

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To dream of chrysanthemums in your dream symbolizes represents wealth, success, modesty, and appreciation. It may also indicate that you shouldn't voice your opinion or thoughts regarding a certain issue.