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To dream of a warden implies a jailing of some sort in your waking life. Emotionally, you may be feeling imprisoned by your inability to defend yourself in a situation. Somebody may be taking advantage of your weaknesses to their own gain. The best possible result will come from you gaining strength and courage from within before making any sudden moves.

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To dream of vanity or being offended by another person's vanity implies that you are about to become aware of your own mortality. This may be in the form of a close call or a simple realization and acceptance of the aging process.

To dream of your own vanity implies that you may need to spend some time releasing your self-judgment so as to enjoy the details of your life more.

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To see Anubis in your dream symbolizes or foretells the passing of someone close to you. On a positive note, dreaming of Anubis indicates that your loved one did not suffer. Their memory will live on, despite their physical departure from this world.

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To see someone as a genius in your dream indicates your contact with someone with far superior knowledge and real life abilities than most people you've ever come into contact with. If you see yourself as a genius in your dream, it implies that you put a high value on dignity, integrity or self-respect.

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To dream that you are a manager implies that you need to take charge of your life and prioritize your goals and ambitions. Your life is in a state of disarray right now.

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To dream about a thistle signals your desire to feel safe. It's possible that you are erecting blockades to keep others from getting too close.

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To dream about your old address, you may have to assimilate your past. If your dream is about a new address, you may need to make a change.

To dream that you're writing an address on an envelope, you may have to investigate some new opportunities. Before deciding on action, analyze your options with care.

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To dream that you are an analyst indicates that you should re-evaluate your conduct and deeds.

To see an analyst in your dream means that you should change your behavior towards a certain matter or circumstance.

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To dream that you are a captain suggests that you are ready to control your inner feelings and deal with problems or hardships that you have encountered. You feel strong and able to handle many obstacles.

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To dream of an officer walking toward you or writing you a ticket suggests guilt over a recent activity in your waking life.

A message of righting wrongs makes itself clear when an authority figure such as an officer makes an appearance in a dream. At the very least, you are unconsciously aware that you have gone against an important personal value or belief. You may need to resolve that within yourself to ensure future peace.