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To dream that you are throwing a spear implies that you are using great effort and energy in order to resolve an issue or tackle a problem. It suggests that you are dedicated and willful.

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To dream of tacks represents displeasure that causes you to argue and provoke.

To dream that you are pushing or hammering a tack represents that you will overcome your adversaries.

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To dream of yeast is an indication of a spiritual journey. You should consider spending some time on self-improvement and soul searching. Conversely, yeast may symbolize increased enthusiasm or renewed energy for a current project or idea.

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To dream of your brain indicates that you are suffering emotional torment. It may also mean that you should utilize your wisdom to resolve a conflict or difficulty. In addition, this dream may be stating that you are not being adequately credited for your concepts and suggestions. Perhaps the messages you are trying to convey are being taken in the incorrect context.

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To dream of an abbot represents a powerful male in your life, usually a father figure given to displays of authority.

Dreaming that you are 'less than' the abbot may indicate a lack of confidence in your life and emotional/spiritual suppression possibly connected to your relationship with your own father.

Dreaming that you are equal to or more powerful than the abbot this indicates a willingness to take action in your life, changing an old habit to grow in confidence and embracing more of who you truly are.

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To dream of a cameo role in a play or film suggests an unusual invitation which, if accepted, could lead to an interesting opportunity.
To dream of a Cameo Brooch is indicating a hidden sadness attached to family and/or money.
To dream of a cameo with the picture of a child or baby suggests a need to spend more time nurturing the self.
Dreaming of a cameo with your own picture shows the need to connect spiritually and forgive another for a perceived wrongdoing.
To dream of finding a cameo can suggest an awakening of an important memory or the release of a family secret bringing with it a sense of relief.

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The harpy represents an attacking female in a dream. In Greek mythology, the harpy's large claws swoop in and snatch away life sustaining food. A woman in your life may be tormenting you by attacking your emotional core. You feel exhausted by repeated small attacks which are slowly draining you.

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A dream about mayor symbolizes the leader within you. This person represents the part of yourself which directs the others and makes big decisions. To dream of being the mayor indicates that you may be restructuring your priorities and taking your life in a new direction.

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To have an itchy scalp in a dream symbolizes that there is something you need to say.
To dream that someone is scalped indicates a strong release of pent up emotion.
To take the scalp of someone else in a dream is to steal their sense of self.

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To dream that you are putting a halter on a horse represents that you are attempting to convince someone to convert to your ideology or manner of dealing with issues.