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To dream that you are scared denotes that you are experiencing feelings of low self-worth and uselessness. You no longer hold power over some aspect of your life. You may feel rage towards someone or something.

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To dream of a scar indicates that you are holding on to residual memories that are too agonizing and difficult to forget. You may still be affected by an event or experience from earlier years. In addition, a scar may symbolize hidden doubts that are preventing you from achieving a long-desired ambition.

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To dream of a scarf indicates that you are suppressing your feelings and emotions. You may feel as if you are being prevented of speaking your mind.

To dream that you are wearing a scarf symbolizes that either you are following your heart rather than using logic, or you are depending too heavily on reason instead of being guided by your emotions.

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To dream of a scarab signifies everlasting life and the power to adjust to changes and alterations in life. It represents your fears about growing old and having to ultimately face death.

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To dream of a scarecrow symbolizes that something is causing you great distress and you are unsure of how to deal with this misery.

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To dream that you feel fear represents that the things you have accomplished in life will not mean as much in the end. You are fearful about certain events transpiring around you.

**Please See Scared.

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To dream that you are affrighted, be prepared that you may suffer injury due to an accident.

To witness others affrighted within your dream, a miserable and frightening situation will present itself to you.

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