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To dream of seeing or eating cream suggests that you are not concerned with great extravagance and lavishness. You are satisfied with the simpler things. To see or apply face cream in your dream symbolizes inner beauty and spirit. It may also indicate the qualities that you are exposing to those around you in your life.

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To dream of ice cream often points to feelings of happiness, satisfaction, good luck, and love.
To dream of a bad-tasting, tasteless, or sour ice cream reflects sorrow, betrayal, and loss of faith in things.

To dream of melting ice cream reflects failure in realizing one's hopes and desires.

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To dream of whipped cream means you are carefree. You are in an enlightened state and on a spiritual high. Your mood is joyous and you will spread it to everyone you encounter. It also can mean you want to explore more into your sexual life.

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To dream of seeing or spinning a top symbolizes shiftlessness. Your life is being spent on meaningless activities.

A dream in which you are on top represents hopes and dreams. You are in pursuit of loftier plateaus.

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To dream of filled jugs signifies a joyful gathering of friends.

To see empty jugs in your dream portends a rift between you and your friends that is your fault.

To see broken jugs in your dream signifies poor health and professional failures.

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It is good fortune to dream that you are in a dairy. This indicates that you will not be without your basic needs in life and that you will have a positive destiny.

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To dream of receiving a prize signifies pride in what you have accomplished. It may likewise signal a proud and important milestone in your personal dealings.

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To dream of yeast is an indication of a spiritual journey. You should consider spending some time on self-improvement and soul searching. Conversely, yeast may symbolize increased enthusiasm or renewed energy for a current project or idea.

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To dream of icing implies an unexpected piece of good news that will bring joy to your heart.

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To dream about beige color represents a feeling of comfort and hominess. However, try not to be at ease too much as it could cause you to slack off in daily life.
Dreaming of a whole house painted in beige suggests your mind's wish to introduce some color and pizzazz into your home life.

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To dream of rubber represents your ability to readily adapt to ever-changing situations.

To dream of hitting someone with a rubber object signifies that what you are doing does not make much impact on others.

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To dream of nachos suggests that you may have unusually high expectations in a particular situation.

To dream of nachos with all the trimmings suggests that you should tone down your expectations, especially if they are of another person's behavior. This is best, as you ultimately have no control over the other person. Your desire for spice or drama has led you to focus on others, but it is only you who can provide true fun and adventure for yourself.

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To dream of receiving a facial indicates the potential for emotional and/or financial growth through self-expression. To be giving another person a facial suggests that you may feel a sense of fulfillment through accepting an invitation to speak at a social gathering.