Dream Dictionary » T » Table


To dream of a table is a symbolic representation of the world that you live in. You may soon be invited to a conference or gathering. It further represents the connection you have to family and friends.

A broken table is an indication that you may soon find yourself in the middle of a group that is disagreeing about a certain subject. You may also be hiding something, and are no longer able to contain it.

To dream of yourself setting a table denotes a plan you are developing regarding a personal matter. You have great confidence in yourself and your abilities.

To see a round table is indicative of teamwork. Everyone will play a role in an upcoming event. It may further represent gallantry, as a representation of the Knights of the Round Table.

To dream that you are lying atop a table symbolizes health and well-being. You may need to learn to appreciate health concerns as they pertain to yourself or those around you.

To dream of a moving table is an indication that your life will soon see great change. These changes will bring much need joy and peace into your waking life.