Dream Dictionary » F » Fire


To dream of fire can represent a variety of things. It can represent devastation, enthusiasm, passion, enlightenment, change, or anger. It could indicate that something is finally letting go of you, thus making room for new possibilities. Your opinions may be transforming. If the fire is under control, then this indicates the changes taking place within you. It can also be indicative of your ambition and hunger for success.

To dream that you are being burned by fire suggests that you need to reign in your emotions. Your temper is volatile. There is something that is 'burning you up' on the inside.

To dream that a house is on fire suggests that you should reflect on possible personal changes. If you are repeatedly dreaming that your house is on fire, then you might not be ready for the alterations and are struggling to keep them from happening. This dream can also represent the love and compassion of the people in your life.

To dream that you quell a fire indicates that you will manage to overcome obstacles through diligence and hard work.