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Bow and Arrow

To see a bow and arrow in your dream symbolizes femininity and masculinity as they merge together. It may represent the sex drive and fantasies you may have relating to sex. It can also indicate intense emotions of rage, anxiety, and violence. This dream may also mean that you constantly strive for excellence and superiority.
However, dreaming of a bow alone symbolizes either youth and innocence or a gift. If the bow appears to be like a bow a little girl would wear in her hair, the bow represents youth and innocence. If you are wearing a bow-like shaped thing, it may be that you want to go back to the simple and ignorant times of youth. If the bow that you dream of is like a bow that would top a gift box, this symbolizes a gift of some sort. If the bow is on an object or person, subconsciously you may view this person or object as one that can bring you happiness or is beneficial to you.