Dream Dictionary » A » Angels


To see angels in your dream indicates that your spirit is experiencing something troubling. Angels represent superior aspects in life such as integrity, decency, security, and solace. Make sure to keep an open mind and listen very carefully to what information the angels are divulging to you. The meaning of their words or signs will enlighten you with success and gratification. It is possible that angels may appear in your dream because of some selfish or immoral deed that you have performed.

To dream that you are an angel implies that you have performed a deed or uttered words that make you proud.

If you happen to see three angels in your dream, this signifies a matter of great spirituality and is deemed to be a very religious vision.

To see an angel holding a scroll in your dream is also a sign of an inner awakening or mystical experience. You now know the correct path you must take in order to achieve success. Try to pay attention to what is written on the scroll. These words are extremely important.