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To dream of money indicates triumph in endeavors and future abundance. Dreaming of money may symbolize self-reliance, self-worth, accomplishment, or values. You think highly of yourself. Alternatively, to dream of money points to your stances about love and matters of the heart.

To lose money in your dream indicates petty quarrels at home and some minor disadvantages in your endeavors. You may be feeling feeble, defenseless and hopeless in real life. Additionally, you may be contented with maintaining a low profile life. To dream about giving money away similarly connotes your generous and loving nature. You are seeking to be loved. To see others giving money away indicates a feeling of unimportance. You feel that other people are neglecting you and disregarding your emotional needs.

To dream that you have no money indicates your insecurities in achieving your goals. You may be seen as a person without much value and contribution to the community.

To dream that you steal money predicts peril and reminds you to be wary with your transactions. On a positive note, it may point to your progress in achieving your aspirations that brings much satisfaction and fulfillment.

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To dream that you see someone nursing represents fostering a secret facet of yourself. The same holds true in a dream where you are nursing someone.

*See Breast Feeding

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To dream that you are painting your house may signify the satisfaction of completing a project and the need to express your creativity. It foretells a successful venture or desired promotion. On the other hand, dreaming of paint that you are covering something up.

The color of the paint gives additional significance to the context of your dream. For example, red paint implies the shedding of inhibitions and painting the town red.

To dream of being splattered by paint signifies over-sensitivity to criticism and shrewd remarks from people around you.

To see a painting in your dream signifies your need for self-expression. The painting reflects your inner feelings and thoughts.

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To dream of a plough signifies the creation of new ideas and projects. It may also mean growth and advancement.

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To dream of plumbing suggests a stream of consciousness and emotions.

When plumbing is clogged, it signifies repressed feelings that must be liberated and expressed.

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To dream that you are handling putty symbolizes your preference for risky business, which might bring you harm and greater losses in the future.

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To dream that you are remodeling suggests a need to reassess your core values and initiate the necessary changes and updates to your belief system.

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To dream that you are repairing something denotes a journey to recovery from a very unfortunate and upsetting real-life situation. Consider the item under repair since it stands for the problem at issue.

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To dream of speaking about your salary in a positive way may mean you have a thoughtful and grateful conscious and therefore are likely to expect good fortune emotionally and possibly financially.

Dreaming of feeling unhappy about your salary or talking in a negative fashion suggests a downward mental spiral that may need to be addressed now before you begin to feel depressed.

Someone coming to you with news of a salary raise is a message to you that you are able to make emotional changes necessary to better your life generally.

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To dream that you are sewing indicates your desire to restore a friendship or revamp a condition. You may want to revolutionize your perceptions or personality. It also denotes fruitfulness, personal development, and progression into adulthood.

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To dream about the stock market symbolizes the positive and negative experiences in your life. It also implies that you take chances and tend to test your luck in certain situations.

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To dream that you are trading indicates a lack of differentiation and edge in business.

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To dream that you are training for something indicates that you lack assertiveness and confidence about your abilities. This dream may also reflect a desire to improve your personality.

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To dream of being undercover indicates an unwillingness to reveal everything about yourself in a current friendship. Be true to your feelings as there may be a reason you are holding back.

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To dream of welding multiple objects together symbolizes a collection made whole. You may be assembling an idea, a plan, or a rejuvenated self.