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To dream of being in contact with soil represents personal achievement and productivity. It also means that your life contains a reliable basis. In order to achieve your objectives, you need to be logical and sensible.

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To see or dream that you are in space indicates that you are a very inquisitive person who enjoys seeking the truth. You form your own opinions and beliefs rather than adopting those of others.

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To dream of a storm implies that you are experiencing extreme hardships and shocking misfortunes in your life. The storm may also symbolize suppressed feelings, terror, hostility, or wrath.

On a more positive note, the storm indicates that your personality is emerging to the surface. To dream that you take cover in a storm implies that the hardships and obstacles will only last a short time. You will be able to overcome them. You possess stamina and intensity to overcome these issues.

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To dream of the sun indicates that you will experience positive influences and temporarily not be confronted with hardships or obstacles. Your spirit is in a state of peace and serenity. It is considered a positive sign to see the sun shining.

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To dream of a sunflower represents wealth, fortune, and good luck. The sunflower may be guiding you towards a certain path of self-discovery. You will manage to overcome obstacles no matter how impossible they may seem. The sunflower may also represent arrogance and conceit. Some people may be presenting a dishonest facade.

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To dream of the sunrise symbolizes fresh starts and revitalization. It also indicates that you will achieve your objectives. Perhaps you have changed the course of your life path and are following a new direction.

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To dream of the sunset suggests that a project or task has reached completion. It is now time to relax, revitalize, and reassess your life.

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To dream of sunshine suggests that you have gained insight or spiritual discovery. You are following the correct path in your life.

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To dream that you are ensnared in a tempest represents difficulties and the apathy of those around you.

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To dream about a thistle signals your desire to feel safe. It's possible that you are erecting blockades to keep others from getting too close.

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To dream that you hear thunder represents an explosion of hostility. On the other hand, it can mean that you must heed some admonition.

To hear constant thunder in a dream is indicative of grievous heartbreak.

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To dream of lush green trees symbolizes new beginnings, development, and desires. It is also indicative of your uniqueness and maturity.

To dream that you are climbing a tree signifies that you will accomplish your professional goals and become a member of the higher echelon of society. The degree of difficulty that you experienced when climbing the tree is commensurate with the speed of achieving these goals.

To dream that you cut down a tree signifies that you are foolishly pursuing things that are a waste of your resources.

To see a falling tree in your dream means that you are not on the correct path in terms of going after your dream.

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To dream of a tsunami signals you're being easily overwhelmed by unresolved feelings. You may be experiencing sadness and emotional stress in your waking life.

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To dream of noticing a strong undertow is an alert that you may be being sucked into a significant emotional drama. However, there is time to step back and not get caught up in another person's boring choices.

To dream of being caught by an undertow and being out of control implies that you may now have to accept your part in an emotional drama before finding a way to breathe and walk away.

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To dream that you are eaten by a venus flytrap represents the feeling of being overwhelmed in your waking life. In particular, the venus flytrap may represent an overbearing woman.
To see a field of venus flytraps in a dream symbolizes a fear of making a poor choice or a fear of judgmental women.

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To dream of violets symbolizes the happiness that marriage may bring you.

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To dream of a volcano represents your innermost thoughts. You have carefully hidden dangerous and violent tendencies from those around you. The volcano may also indicate your character has been maligned by someone near to you.

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When dreaming of waves, notice the type of wave. Calm, clear waves indicate inner peace of mind. You are in touch with your emotions and are stable. Calm waves may also foreshadow upcoming decisions in your waking life.

Crashing waves, especially when heard, indicates your sexual nature and your need to be loving and tender with your significant other. Violent, unclear waves imply you have made a poor choice regarding an important matter.

Finally, if you are caught in an undertow or tidal wave, you have been holding yourself back. Something in your waking life has brought unshed tears to your eyes, what is it?

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To dream of a whirlpool is a self-warning that your business affairs are going downhill. Be especially diligent in business and financial dealings to ensure your reputation remains intact.

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To dream of yourself standing in front of an upcoming whirlwind is a warning. There will be changes to your waking life. These changes may bring about uncomfortable feelings and situations. You may experience a loss, or scandal may enter your life. Be leery, as the thoughts and desires you are hiding will soon be brought to the forefront.