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Dance Recital  No comments yet

To dream about a dance recital indicates that you will soon be relocating, possibly to a new house or city.

To dream that you are in a dance recital suggests that there may be tension brewing between you and your peers.

Deadline  No comments yet

To dream of a deadline suggests a feeling of pressure to perform; it indicates an unhealthy attitude to your work or job. Difficulty meeting a deadline within a dream shows an unconscious desire to be free. Obvious deadlines, met with ease, indicate the ability to find emotional freedom from the pressures of work thus allowing you to continue in your job whilst maintaining balance in your personal life.

Demolition  No comments yet

To dream of a demolition suggests that an experience of complete deconstruction of a strongly held idea may be occurring in your waking life. Although there may be a sense of loss associated with a demolition dream, there is also the indication of rebirth. Be aware of what is being demolished, as this will give you an idea of how to approach the next step in your life.

Demonstration  No comments yet

To dream of a major demonstration involving placards and police is your unconscious making it very clear that you may be involved in a situation that will not serve your highest good.

To dream of a small demonstration of a kitchen implement or sporting skill indicates that you will find yourself becoming interested in an unusual hobby that could give you hours of joy.

Disaster  No comments yet

To dream that you are in a disaster suggests that you are apprehensive of potential change. You fear not being able to see what the future holds.

Discovery  No comments yet

To dream of a discovery indicates that you could be coming into a new aspect of your interpersonal evolution.
*Please See Find.

Drama  No comments yet

To dream that you are writing a drama suggests that you may wind up immersed in anxiety and under a pile of bills.

To dream that you are watching a drama indicates that you will reconnect with old acquaintances.

Easter  No comments yet

To dream about Easter signifies that your worries have now passed. You will be happy again after a long episode of difficult times and heartache. You should stand tall and proud and cease to be feeling bad about anything. This dream also represents a renewed life and the rebirth of the soul.

Eating Contest  No comments yet

To dream of an eating contest may indicate a feeling of awkwardness and confusion in your waking life. Hunger to achieve may be leaving you feeling inadequate at this time. To dream of an eating contest suggests a need to re-evaluate your expectation to succeed. Slowing down may bring success more quickly in the long run.

Electrocution  No comments yet

To dream about an electrocution suggests that a path you are on will go terribly wrong and could actually lead to your demise.

Engagement  No comments yet

To dream that you are engaged to be married suggests your desire for intimacy or companionship. You could be attempting to quell your sense of isolation.

To dream that you end an engagement suggests a quick choice about something vital that you should think through.

To dream about a business engagement indicates fear or anxiety within your career life.

Epidemic  No comments yet

To dream of an epidemic suggests concerns and projects that you would much rather bury or avoid.

Evacuation  No comments yet

To dream of an evacuation indicates that you are separating yourself from others and suppressing your emotions.

To dream that you are in a town that has been evacuated suggests that you believe that others have forsaken you. You don't feel as though you belong.

Exorcism  No comments yet

To dream that you or others are being exorcised indicates your attempts to take back power within your life. Also, you may need to accept responsibility for the things you have done rather than seeking to assign blame.

Feast  No comments yet

To dream about a feast indicates your requirements for your feelings and sexual desires. Positive events may await you.

To dream about a disorganized feast warns about fights or displeasure due to someone else's neglect or illness.

To dream that you arrive late to a feast suggests that someone that annoys you will take up too much of your time and effort.

Festival  No comments yet

To dream that you are at a festival suggests that you have become somewhat callous to the events around you. You are acting cynical and though you may not ask for others' help, you are certainly relying on them.

Foreclosure  No comments yet

To dream of imminent foreclosure on your home implies that your personal worth may have been neglected and it is time to address your own need for peace and happiness.

Dreaming of foreclosure on your business indicates a lack of truth in your career decisions and suggests that you should consider another career that brings you joy.

Gala  No comments yet

To dream of a gala is an indication that an aspect of your waking life holds the key to success and celebration. To be invited to a gala signals good news that you have already heard but not registered. To dream of organizing a gala event suggests you have come up with a winning idea and would do well to follow through at this time.

Game Show  No comments yet

To dream of being a contestant on a game show may symbolize a petty disagreement with someone in your waking life. A game show on television speaks of an opportunity to see an argument from a different perspective, bringing light to the situation. You may have to release your feelings of pride so as to resolve this disagreement. Dreaming of a game show is suggesting that you may not have been entirely correct in your original judgment.

Garage Sale  No comments yet

To dream of a garage sale indicates a sudden emotional clearing leading to a sense of clarity and freedom. To feel regretful about selling an object in your dream suggests that you may not be ready to completely heal from a recent emotional issue but that you will have the energy and the courage for a full healing in the near future.